Monday, December 3, 2007

BAD customer service....what's your story?

Yeah, I just need to vent. That's the REAL reason for this post, but I am also hoping that someone can trump this story so it will make me feel a wee bit better about my situation. So, have you ever had customer service SO BAD that you really wonder where the candid camera is hiding out? We all get the rude person that throws your fast food at you through the window, but this is a whole new ballgame. I'm talking, SPEECHLESS, bad customer service? Well, I want to hear all about it. AND I'm going to tell you about my situation simply because I want none of you (whether I know you or not) to EVER have to endure the madness I have had to endure since August 31, 2007 with this company.


Yes, Genevieve from Trading Spaces, you are really cute on those commercials, and I'll give you credit, I love 99% of everything you have in your cute little salesroom. I even love the cute little lady that waited on us and was oh so helpful in helping us pick out our $5,000 in furniture that we paid CASH for. That's where the niceness stops. On August 31, 2007, I ordered the last of my $5,000 of furniture that I paid cash for (I'm not bitter) which was a $1,400 dining room table with TWO leaves and 6 chairs. At that point, I had not gotten my first order of furniture in otherwise this order would have never taken place. But, alas, it did.

A few weeks later I get a phone call while I am at the consignment sale asking me why I am not home since the delivery men are in my driveway with my dining room table, 2 leaves and 6 chairs. Why was I not there? Well, b/c you never called to tell me anyone was coming. Sorry, I forgot to check my crystal ball last night before going to bed. I had to get my mother-in-law to hurry to the house to let them in with the furniture. When I got home that night, I noticed that I only had 1 leaf (or is that leave?) and two of the chairs had scratches on them. So I called my cute little sales lady and told her and she said, "no problem, doll, I'll take care of it" and she did. They politely called me a couple of weeks later to tell me that they couldn't just bring me a new leaf/leave b/c the leaves are custom made to match each table so they would have to bring me a new table with 2 leaves. Ok, fine. So they are supposed to come between 12-4. At 7pm they show up (in the middle of a dinner party we are having) where the not so nice delivery man tells me that "that table never came with no two leaves" and turn arounds and leaves. I won't bore you with more details, but needless to say, 2 1/2 weeks ago was their 5th time to my house to replace the table in which they didn't even come but tried to say they did.

I finally called and told them just to come get the table, I wanted my money back. The manager, Zach at Bowling Green, since Rivergate doesn't have one tells me that they will get a check right out to me since they keep messing up. I had to ask him, "what about the table?" and he said, "oh someone will call to come get that." Then, I get the call the other day that they will be here to pick THEIR table up on December 7? Do I have a check? NO.

So, now...I am in a I let them have a table and wait weeks to get a refund check from corporate meanwhile spending the holidays with no dining room table? Do I keep the table and be ticked that I paid $1400 for something that is damaged and they still haven't made right?



Anonymous said...

girl, I will just call you and tell you about my experience at Sofa Express, it's as long as your post. Needless to say we will never buy anything from them again!
Was your saleslady Jeannie?? she was ours and super nice but there's where it stopped!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, google Sofa Express & more...your blog is third right behind two corporate sites (that don't work) however it's the "I'll be having a talk with Ms. Cutie Patootie" blog on Aug. 21st. But keep scrolling down - check out & - apparently there's quite a few unhappy customers of this company! K-

furnitureman said...

Sofa Express & More supposedly sent notifications to their store managers that the stores will be closing and their jobs will be terminated.....Letter sent December 4, 2007. Keep the table or you may end up with nothing.

jeanine said...

I would definately hold on to the table till you get a check - if you ever do . . .

Rachel Wilson said...

Heck no sister! You keep the table and get your check. Then when you get through the holidays you sell the dumb thing and get one that is right. Only this time you buy it off the show room floor and take it home with your own truck. This is madness! I would not be able to be as nice as you have been!

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