Saturday, February 6, 2010

I'm Back, sort of...

It's hard to believe when I come to this page that it's been over 2 months since I put my thoughts down on "paper" I guess I could say I've been too busy, sale madness is starting. Or, I could possibly blame it on migraines. Yep, that sounds good. In reality, I find that sometimes the thoughts that roll around in my head sound better in my head than putting them out for the whole world to read. I certainly don't want to tick someone off with my "views" on things like parenting, adoption, etc. and yet when I do read someone else's blog that has completely different views from me, it has made me want to come back on here and start "talking"

I think it would take a book to tell you everything that has happened since my last post. Thanksgiving and Christmas came and went. Joshua's birthmom came to visit for several days at Christmas and we had a wonderful time. We celebrated New Year's Eve with some friends and spent New Years Day with family. January seemed to fly by and I finally broke down and went to the chiropractor for my migraines/back. So far, it has been a total success and today I am at one week with no migraine. M.E. and J.T. started mothers day out on Thursday. In 11 years of being a mom, I've never had a child in MDO so this was exciting and scary all at the same time. I was surprised at how much I got done in a 5 hour period and even more thrilled when J.T., my child that doesn't nap, took a 2 1/2 hour nap upon arriving home on Thursday. I kept checking him to make sure he was breathing simply because I'm not sure I've ever seen the boy sleep for over 30 minutes except for at night.

Looking forward, the sale is one month away (well, drop off at least) and I am working hard at scheduling workers and getting all the other "little" things done that help make the sale a success. I'm actually really looking forward to it this year. I've been in a cleaning out mode and have more to get rid of than ever before so I'm sure I'm keeping the VIP tagger quite busy. It feels good to purge out the old. I've taken several bags of adult clothing and household goods to the Goodlettsville Help Center to donate. I love it when I haul it up to the door and come back to a clean trunk in my car.

My youngest twin, Luke, had to have some surgery this week. He was born with a birthmark on his belly. That sweet birthmark helped us tell our children apart for a while, but it has continued to grow and change texture so it was time for it come off. The surgeon ended up taking off another pre-cancerous birthmark right below the original so Lukey has been feeling pretty crappy this week. We decided post surgery that they MUST have given him speed as he was riled up like I have never seen. He ate post surgery like he had the munchies: downing a grilled cheese, a bag of chips, two icees and a sprite in a little over an hour. He is on restricted activity which we have found means NOTHING to an 8 year old boy, so he constantly asks to do things which would be considered limited. He is doing great though and the meals from family and friends have been so appreciated as I have literally had time to do nothing while taking care of wild man Luke.

A friend that I have never met in real life is adopting a baby this week. She sends out wonderful detailed messages about their journey so far: bonding with the birthmother, their time at the hospital and today is the hard part, birthmom is being dismissed from the hospital. Reading her messages brings back SO many memories of our experience with Joshua. Although I look back on our experience and wouldn't change anything, it doesn't make me hurt any less over the loss that his mom felt that day and how I felt like I thief.

I have also noticed in the last few weeks that complete strangers come up to me and ask if M.E. and J.T. are from Haiti. I guess you don't realize how much the media has hit home with people about the orphan crisis until you are approached in this way. Honestly, I love to see their reactions when I say "nope, Memphis and Houston" Most tend to get this look on their face as if they are waiting for me to say "just kidding" and when they realize I am serious, they begin to ask questions and make comments how they didn't realize there are children in the U.S. that need homes.

So that's the mini-update on me. I'm going to try to do a bit better about updating and I need to get some new pictures on here of the kids. They are growing so fast and getting so big. J.T. is crawling, has a tooth and is pulling up on everything. I'm quickly realizing my baby days are coming to an end.


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