Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Anna's 1st Visit to the ER

After our eventful day at High School Musical on ice, I didn't think we could have any more drama...boy was I wrong!

About 9pm on Sunday night (the 16th), Anna came in our room hysterical saying that her head hurt. Jonathan had literally just gotten in from the airport (he had been out of town since Friday). The only time she gets sick is usually with strep so I knew something was up, especially when she couldn't stop crying and whispered to me that she felt like she could pass out. After about 30 minutes, we decided to head to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. We dropped the boys off at my sister's house (thanks Ali and Josh for watching them) and spent the next four hours receiving the most expensive dose of Motrin ever. I was very frustrated that they literally did nothing, but also glad that they didn't feel it was serious.

Yes, I had my camera in my purse from HSM so I had to snap this pic:

After two more days of horrible headaches and an MRI at Vanderbilt, they prescribed some meds and diagnosed her with migraines. Needless to say it was a fun week!


Jodie Lyden said...

Brea, it was such a fun thing to finally be able to meet you and your incredible family. From the minute that you all walked in the door of your sister's home, it felt as if I already knew all of you. Thank you for making time to visit with me, and for being so much fun. I hope that I will see you again soon.

I also appreciate more than words can say the way that you and your family have looked after my brother, Alie, and Maggie in his illness. It is a great comfort to know that he has such terrific family nearby. I'm very grateful to you all.

I didn't know that Anna had been to the hospital! I hope she is feeling much better now.

Well, I need to get some little boys in bed, so I had better go for now. But take good care, and stay in touch!

Hugs to you,
Jodie (Josh's Sister)

Anonymous said...

Poor Anna!! I love her, hope she's feeling better, headaces suck!!!! Tell her happy belated birthday, love Holley

Anonymous said...

Poor Anna.. I hope she is feeling better... Vickie