Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm Going To Disney World

Yes, it's true. Anna and I are going to my favorite place in the world: Disney World. She's now 11 and I know traveling with her mom is going to quickly become "not cool", so when the opportunity to go to Disney's pin convention in August came up, I jumped at the chance to take her for a little mom/daughter trip.

We are still in the planning stages, only having booked the actual convention so far and now trying to decide on a hotel and praying we get some good airfare on flights. We've never been to a convention before, so although I've talked to several people that have been, I'm still not entirely sure what to expect. I am quickly understanding that the convention will take up most of our day so I know we won't have much extra time at any other parks except Epcot, which is where the convention is being held.

So what type of convention are we going to you ask? Well, that would be a Disney pin convention. Yes, we are Disney pin collectors. Yes, we got sucked in. Here's the story: Now, when you visit any of the Disney theme parks you will find that the majority of the employees working (called cast members) will have on lanyards with pins. For a small fortune, you can buy your own lanyard and sets of pins and then you trade with the cast members. There are all types of different sets you can collect, some of which you can't buy but can only trade for. At our house, we (meaning me, Anna, Isaac and Luke) have each picked our favorite characters and we try to trade for only those pins. Anna loves Tinkerbell, Isaac loves Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas, Luke loves any Pirates and I personally collect nice Mickey pins, Chip and Dale, and Tower of Terror pins (my favorite ride). We also are looking for pins from the movie Enchanted and Up. Yes, they make pins for EVERYTHING and when I say EVERYTHING, I mean EVERYTHING. I'm not sure of the exact numbers, but I'm sure there are well over 50,000 pins that Disney has made. We personally display our pins on large decorative boards in our den and the we all enjoy planning what we will look for next. Here's some of our pins:
It's a great hobby and I'm super pumped that we get another good excuse to visit Disney again. It truly is my happy place and even though we will only be there 3 1/2 days, I'm not going to complain!

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