Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Answering a few questions...

I had a few people email me some questions from my previous posts and I thought I would just answer them here:

1. The Disney Pot Head did have some accessories. It did sell, on worker night as a matter of fact. I am pretty sure that the person that bought actually got it for her kids, but we made sure she knew what she was buying. Yes, I am praying that the person that put it in the sale will not think I am making fun of them because I'm not. It was just too funny not to post. Also, it is something I would have totally done since I am so freaking sleep deprived. I tried to put the juice from the fridge in the cabinet with the cups the other day. Trust me, I am NOT making fun of the consignor who put in the pot head.

2. Yes, people really did consign those maternity dresses. Again, I am not making fun of the consignor that put them in, we just wanted to try them on to help out Leslie. Yes, I am pretty sure they are still for sale.

3. On the autism post, I have had many emails about why I think the vaccines could be causing the autism. I agree with whoever posted about the metals in the vaccines, but this is just a guess. I think it speaks volumes that the Amish don't have autism in their culture and they don't get vaccines (Thanks Jen B. for posting that, I can't wait to read more info)

4. Yes, I do still plan to vaccinate Mary Elizabeth but to just space out the vaccines a little bit. Instead of getting 4 shots at one visit, maybe doing one shot every few months. This can't be any worse for her than the threat of her having autism.

5. Ultimately my main reason for posting about autism is that many women I love dearly have children that are autistic. I did it to raise awareness and to let those women know that I love and support them. I put it out there to get people to question why.

I love blogging for this very reason...I get to put my thoughts on a forum that allows me to learn. I love to read your comments and your emails so please keep them coming.


Rachel Wilson said...

I love you for making the autism post. it does make us(your friends with children who have autism) feel like we are not SO alone in this fight. I am not looking for anything to blame autism on. I(we) can totally deal with our life. I hurt for my son who misses out on a lot of things other kids do. If I were you and knew what you know I would toatally be taking the same aproach you are. I support you and your decisions just as you support me!

Sherry Milholland said...

Thanks for your words on autism. I have been researching this correlation for a long time and although the medical field is still denying the relationship, I've seen many children who the parent can go back to an immunization as the point where changes began. The MMR vaccination seems to be the main one "tagged." Jenny McCarthy has recently written a book about her experience with her son's autism and is leading the push for additional research as to the cause. Hopefully it will occur soon.