Sunday, March 16, 2008

Longaberger, Furniture, Clothing OH MY!

As I have mentioned before, I love to go junking. I love finding that diamond in the rough deal for something I really wanted for the house. That's why I am UBER (yes, I just said UBER) excited about Encores and More North Adult Clothing and Home Decor Sale that is coming up this week. Not only does my friend Angie run it, but she gets in amazing stuff at great prices. Longaberger baskets, scrapbooking supplies, furniture, AWESOME deals on clothing for us big kids, home decor (my favorite part), Southern Living, rugs, ok I could seriously go ON AND ON. The bad part? I spend too much money. But, hey, it's WAY cheaper than retail.

Come check it out...starts Wednesday at 10am. For all the details, click on the kids sale website link to the right and then click on the adult sale tab on the left!


Anonymous said...

I love Southern living!! I will definetly have to come by and check it out!! Thanks for the info!!

Rachel Wilson said...

10 Things to make you smile :-)

1. It's absolutely amazing how many stores have ceiling fans

2. When I'm in the mood to answer the same question 300 times in a row, I know just who to go to

3. I never have to be creative at dinner. It's chicken nuggets & peas. Every night! Or else :-)
(mac and chz for wes no peas:(

4. I know where every fire hydrant is located in the entire city

5. I had no idea there were so many uses for a household spoon

6. If I ever get insomnia, I'll always have company ( we know that is true)

7. Sixty-four airplanes fly over my house every day

8. If I develop a sudden fascination with vacuum cleaners, my child can tell me everything about them - as many times as I'm willing to listen
(or at our house the great discussion is hydro generators)

9. Refrigerators can actually hum

10. Buy new shirt. Remove tag. Wash 8 times. Ready to wear.

Austim Paradox

1. It's easy to recite an entire book but difficult to make up a story

2. It's easy to line up toys but difficult to stay in line

3. It makes perfect sense to climb on the sofa but little sense to sit on it

4. Memorizing the Presidents in order - 10 minutes. Packing a school bag - 10 hours

5. Family pictures on the wall are boring but that speck of dust next to it, now that's fascinating!

6. Talking about weather patterns - piece of cake. Talking about my day… impossible!

7. Ability to focus on spinning objects - timeless, ability to focus on homework - 3 seconds

8. Being called by name, can't hear it. Some owl hooting in the distance - clear as a bell

9. How to operate the remote control - zero instruction. How to button up pants - intensive instruction

10. Navigating social rules - poorly skilled, Navigating from the back seat of the car - highly skilled

Rachel Wilson said...

I thought this would be intriguing to you given all the post on autism lately. I am so proud of you for doing this. Sometimes I feel like my entire blog has become about Wesley and then I realize that it is OK to have an outlet.

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