Saturday, March 8, 2008

Having Faith

Many people would say we got lucky or that the weathermen are never really right. I say that God is in control. The presale went great last night although we had 100 less people than normal. With 4" of snow here today we are so excited about going to the sale...with the sled in tow. Yes, we plan to have a good time today and yes, I will post pictures!

My first phone call this morning was at 6:40 am. A sweet lady driving from Hopkinsville, KY today to shop. She was just making sure that we would be open. I can't wait!



Becca said...

Thanks so much for putting this sale together. We battled the weather and it was well worth it. I hope the remainder of the sale goes well.

Erin Morgan said...

Beth said she stopped by today... Hope she bought lots of stuff for Finnegan :)