Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yet Another September's Restaurant Post

Ok, I have so much to catch up on with this blog, but I had to take a break to tell you that you must check out the action that my old September's Restaurants posts are getting. Interesting stuff.

It also reminded me that I have eaten there three more times since my review and yet, I have never done any follow up reviews.

The first time post review Jonathan and I went with some friends, Angie and Robert V. We were so excited to have a date night complete with dinner and a movie. The dinner itself was fabulous until the very end and when it was time for our check, our server literally disappeared. Did he take a break? Did he travel to a foreign country? Not sure, but he was seriously gone for 30 minutes, causing us to not only miss our movie, but when I asked for Kirk or September once he returned, he told me they were busy and that was the end of that.

The second time post review we went for a quick burger and things went well.

The last time was again before a movie on a week night. This time we told the waitress we were in a hurry before we even ordered (even though we were there for over 2 hours in situation 1) and she delivered. She got everything out to us with plenty of time to spare for the movie. The only downfalls this time they brought me the wrong drink and the mac and cheese was so unbelievably hot that we still couldn't eat it even as we were ready to leave.

Here's my take on September's. I think it is a great spot but just from the last three times I have been there, their staff definitely needs to be more educated on handling requests from patrons AND what is on their menu. Several times I would ask a question which was met with a blank stare. AND Pinot Grigio is not a red's a white wine, trust me.

Will I go back? Absolutely! But the next time I ask to speak with management, they had better find someone versus giving me "they are busy" excuse. Management should never be too busy to speak with a customer and I believe that the waiter never even checked as I feel pretty confident that Kirk or September would have gladly come over and chatted.

So, what has your recent trips been like?

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Anonymous said...

I actually have not been there yet. But one restaurant that we dropped over there is Chedders. They have been going down hill, and every time we are there, our orders are always wrong or not cooked. One night they gave us some chips, AND FORGOT TO COOK THEM!
We do like Red Robin, especially when your pregnant and never seem to feel full:0)