Monday, September 1, 2008

Will I Vote?

The answer: I'm not sure.

Why? I'm just not sure I have enough trust in ANY of the candidates.

Yesterday while grocery shopping, Anna asked me if I was a republican or a democrat? The question surprised me simply because a) she is freakishly smart and b) I'm not sure I know anymore. So that's exactly what I told her. Do I support abortion? No. Do I support gay marriage? No. But I gotta tell you, I don't love John McCain. Not even sure I like him.

So then he goes and gets cutey patootie Sarah Palin, who SHOULD really appeal to me....but she doesn't. Not yet anyway. Why? Because she is a momma to 5 kids and I, myself, being a momma of 4 kiddos find it hard to imagine her being the 2nd in command to the entire United States of America while being an effective mom. I know I shouldn't judge her, but it honestly just bothers me. All I do is run a consignment sale and I feel like I can barely keep my head about water with my kids. Running the country? No way!

So I plan to spend some time this week reading up on Mrs. Palin because to be honest, if I do vote, it will probably be for the republicans, but if I can't shake this yucky feeling I am getting, I may just not vote.

BUT I PROMISE: If I don't vote, I won't complain. I can't stand people who complain about the state of the union but don't use their right to vote to change it.


Karen said...

If it makes any difference, my sister lives in Alaska and raves about her!

Chris said...

"...I, myself, being a momma of 4 kiddos find it hard to imagine her being the 2nd in command to the entire United States of America while being an effective mom."

Hmmm... I'm interested to know... Have you ever wondered whether or not a male candidate could do all that Prezidentin or Vice Prezidentin and still be a good Husband/Daddy?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Brea, both these candidates or ugh! But I definetly don't want to see Obama in office, so I will do my part in hopes that doesn't happen. But I like her ( Palin )stand on abortion. She has a baby that was born with Downs and she refused to abort the baby, even when the doctors' told her she should. I like your point of view though to about if something happening to McCain her being in command. That give me a sick feeling. Can you imagine how sick Hilary would be if that happened?? ha ha! LOve ya girl!! Heather

Anonymous said...

I had so many typo-s in there , sorry! Heather

Brea said...

You have a great point! Like I said, I haven't really wrapped my head around the whole thing. I guess I just can't imagine ANYONE with really young kids running the country, but obviously it has happened before. Thanks for giving me something else to think about...I always love your opinions!

Anonymous said...

Hey sister!

Please vote. There are numerous reasons why...but the main one for me is this...we still can! I totally agree with you that this is a particularly difficult political season.


Anonymous said...

Hey Brea!
I know of a book that you can read of this subject. I'm ordering today because I have been needing to read it! The name of the book is called Sinful Silence. It's written by John Revell (he goes to Long Hollow, and has a blog that you can link to on my blogger), and Ken Connor. This book got a lot of publicity from around the nation. Here is a link to the book! I think you can also get a copy at Long Hollow too. Revell is a brilliant speaker, writer and Connect Group Teacher. His youngest son is in the band, Through A Glass. This is the same band that lost one of their members through a car accident two years, Nathan Johnson.
This is the first time I have really got into politics because I'm starting to see how important it is. I used to be really laid back, but each day God has placed it on my heart to PRAY for these politicians.
Soon I'm going to post my opinion about this matter. So stay tuned, but first I need to RESEARCH!

Susan said...

Hey Girl!
I agree with Laura. Please vote. I am so with you on the candidates. How many American citizens and this is the best we could do to lead the free world? But, please do vote. And again I agree with Laura - because we can.

The O'Neal's said...

I have to say I find this blog upsetting. And I agree with Chris why is it different from a male candidate. And if you listened to her last night I can't imagine how in the world you can't see her value to this country. One word. REAL!