Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My 300th Post / 1st Fundraiser

Does it seem a little ironic to you that my 300th post on this blog that I started to track our first adoption is going to tell you about the fundraiser we are doing for our second adoption?

Things sure can change in 300 posts huh?

Our first adoption fundraiser, the crap yard sale, is going to be Friday and Saturday, October 17 and 18. We are only going to advertise it outside this blog for Saturday so that way all of my friends, family, etc. can get the best deals on Friday.

Here's the details you need to know:
*Although we are starting fundraising for adoption #2 NOW, we will not be starting the actual process right away. There are several reasons for this. 1. I have got to get my migraines under control which we are in the process of doing with medication/possible future surgery. 2. We want to have the majority of the money in savings before we actually start. 3. In a perfect world, we want to have at least a few more months enjoying M.E. being our baby before we add another one to the chaotic Freeman house :)
*The yard sale on Friday will be 8am-4pm. On Saturday, we will advertise that it is from 7am-whenever.
*We need donations. BADLY. I do have a ton of crap I will be cleaning out on top of all the Gymboree and boutique clothing, but we have a ton of money to raise so we need any help we can get. We will be happy to pick up whatever you have you want to donate as long as it is in the Nashville area. Just shoot me an email at and I will email you back from my regular account.
*We will have at least 6 racks of NEW Gymboree and kids boutique clothing at $4 per piece. Most of the Gymboree is smaller sizes, but there is a little in each size up to size 8. There is both girls and boys. We will also have tons of Gymboree shoes (mainly girls) for $4 each. Keep in mind that ALL of this is NEW WITH TAGS so if you know someone that does ebay, consignment, etc. this stuff would be great for resale and a large majority of it never made it into the consignment sale because I just got too overwhelmed. I'll also have some of my kids outgrown clothing for sale as well (nothing over $3).

I'll update more as I get more information. I'll try to include some pictures. Any help in getting this out there would be greatly appreciated!

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Julie Kendall said...

Hey Brea!

I just wanted to say that the family picture of your kids on the left of your blog is adorable!!!!

Since you are starting the "starting" process of adopting another child and since you have 2 girls and 2 boys...what do you and your family want? Of course the whole equal thing would be to adopt boy and one girl! Yikes! ;-)