Tuesday, September 2, 2008

6 Silly Things About Me

I got tagged by Laura because I never return her phone calls. Actually, I do return her phone calls just not when she calls in the midst of consignmentmania. Love you girl!

Anywho, here are 6 more fun facts about me:

1. I dated a guy in college from Poland. My parents hated him. Did I mention the word HATE because they truly hated him. I didn't get why they hated him so much until I had kids of my own and then I got it. Yes, he is not the kind of guy you want your daughter to get near, much less date. I honestly don't know what I saw in him, but I think to this day my parents daily thank God that I quickly came to my senses and got rid of him.

2. The first Sunday I came back to our home church from that college where I had dated the Polish guy, I met Jonathan. He was engaged, I was interested in someone else and needless to say, sparks didn't immediately fly. 5 months later we went on our first date, 6 weeks later we were engaged, and 7 months later we were married. We just celebrated 11 years on June 7th.

3. I can pretty much instantly think of a song that goes with a word and I, in turn, usually start singing it. It drives Angie V. nuts. For instance, you could say, "I had the weirdest dream last night" and I'll immediately start humming "Dream Weaver" I'm not sure why I do this or why I remember lyrics to songs like Dream Weaver, but I do and I want to take this moment to apologize to Angie V. for putting up with that crap for so long.

4. I love green olives. LOVE them. Could eat a whole jar if I was tempted. Just thinking about them now makes me want to call and ask Jonathan to pick me up a jar on the way home from work.

5. I'm on facebook but I have absolutely no freaking idea what I am doing. Sarah A. instant messaged me (is that what it is called?) last night and asked me if I had been playing any games. I had no idea there were even games on there and to be honest, if she hadn't immediately sent me a link, I probably would have never found them. Because I am so clueless, I refuse to touch my space with a ten foot pole. Well, that, and the fact that I am scared that Polish guy might find me on there.

6. I have peed in my pants. Several times actually. It usually involves Kim T. (sorry Kim, I outed you) and rolling houses in high school. There was something about being really nervous and cracking up at the same time (and maybe laying in a field) that would get my bladder going and before you know it, I needed a Depends. I have wet myself as recently as the Spring 08 consignment sale. I think we were listening to that "gynecological" answering service email that went around for a while that gets my goat every time. If you don't know what I am talking about, email me and I will forward it to you. When she starts talking about S.U.I.T. I can't help but laugh so hard that I need some tinkle catching panties all over again.

So, now, as to who I should tag.
*Let's start with Beckie, who just started a blog and is quite a funny gal.
*And how about Destry, who is freaking hilarious! I can't wait to see what you have to say about yourself!
*Ok, Kim, got to hear what you have to say
*If my sister didn't have mono, I would tag her, but I will let her off the hook. So instead, I'll poke Angie V. Since she doesn't have a blog, this means she has to start one! HA HA...got you girl!
*I am totally tagging Uncle Josh...this should be good
*And Kelley, my friend who adopted adorable Little Man from the same agency we used.

I can't wait to read all about you guys!


Susan said...

Ok, you've got to forward that e-mail to me. :)

Anonymous said...

Matthew and I dated for three months, and we ran off and got married. We just decided to do it. Our family was pretty shocked. We had our wedding planned in October, but decided hey lets just get married any ways. So we kept the October wedding and got married twice:0) Two times is a charm, right:0) We will be celebrating three years of marriage in April!
I love it when I find other couples who got married fast, because there are several people who I find daily that say, "you should it least be with someone for two years before marriage and the next year engaged!"
But I can't explain it, when you know, you know. You know!
Love that blog!