Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It's Sarah Palin Day

At least, that's what I heard over and over and over again on my drive in this morning. "Drive in?" you ask? We'll get to that in a minute.

So Sarah is headlining at the RNC tonight and after hearing her name 8 billion times this morning on Supertalk 99.7 WTN, I decided that during my "downtime" today I would do a little research on Mrs. Palin as I promised I would do in an earlier post.

I can't deny that I really love this woman, I like what she stands for. I like the fact that she would be going straight from a governor role to a VP role vs. the senate. She has hands on experience and even though her experience in Washington is lacking, I honestly think that is what this country needs. Why not get a candidate that isn't completely sold out already to the Washington nitty gritty.

But I've got to tell you...I'm still a little hung up on the whole five kids and potentially running the country stuff. Would I feel this way if her 17 year old wasn't pregnant and her fifth child didn't have Downs? Yes. I guess I just speak as a child that missed her momma a whole lot while growing up. Was I proud of my mother and the important role she had in her company? YOU BET! But I missed her. I missed her when she traveled. I missed her when she had to stay late and go to dinners with clients. Did she still manage to cook 4-5 nights a week? YES! But I promise you if you asked JuJu now how difficult it was to juggle two kids, a booming career and other household duties she would tell you that it was no easy task. AND there were only two of us.

Does my mom regret working full time and raising us? I don't think so. She loved her job (most of the time) and it forced her to be organized, punctual, and it taught us a great deal of respect and structure in our lives. Ali and I to this day have a very special bond with our grandparents because they are the ones who kept us while mom and dad worked and for that, I wouldn't trade a thing.

I guess what I am trying to say is that even though I have a hard time with Governor Palin's decision, it's not my decision and I am having to remove that from my thinking. I can't judge her because it's a decision that I wouldn't make. She has to do what is best for her family and obviously she and her family feel A.O.K about this.

I can't wait to hear her talk tonight!

P.S. My "drive in" was to Bethany Christian Services. I have spent the day volunteering here at the agency today. It's been fun to see the back side of things.


alison b said...

whose back side did you see today? what kind of work were you doing girl?!?! :)

Anonymous said...

I did a lot of research myself today, and finally posted a blog as well on the presidential candidates.
Palin is one tough cookie. The more I research about her, the more I grow to respect her.
More than anything, I believe everyone needs to start praying for her and that God will use her in such an almighty way during this time.

Destry said...

I'm looking forward to hearing her speech tonight.

Have you guys started the process for Freeman baby #5?

I hven't forgot that I have been "tagged"...tomorrow or Friday, I promise.