Sunday, September 14, 2008

You're So Lucky

*please note that if this sounds snarky or ugly, I really don't mean for it to...just something that I was thinking about tonight (plus I wanted to use the word snarky today!)*

I've decided that one of my pet peeves is that when I find a great deal at a yard sale OR if I save $100 at CVS OR if I get $100 of clothing at Gymboree for $20 (I think you are getting the picture), it absolutely drives me nuts when I am telling someone about my great deal they respond with, "ugh, you are so lucky. Stuff like that NEVER happens to me."

Why can't they say, "That's AWESOME!" or even, "COOL! Tell me how you did it?" But the "Ugh, you're so lucky" makes me think that they absolutely hate that I got that great deal and they wish they could smack me. Never mind that I spent time looking in the paper, on craigslist, on websites, etc. researching where the neighborhood yard sales would be (and going), spending HOURS sorting coupons and then compiling lists of what stores have the best deals, etc.

The whole reason this came to mind is that tonight while checking out some of favorite CVS'ers post their loot on their blog, I noticed that many of the comments people had posted said "Gosh, Cindy, finding deals like that NEVER happen to me. You're so lucky!" When in fact, the person that posted that has probably never clipped a coupon or stepped foot in a CVS.

So my point in this post? I am going to start praying daily that God will keep the snarkiness away from me when I respond to people and that in return, people will hopefully do the same for me. Let's celebrate others good fortunes, not make people feel like crap!


alison bynum said...

ugh. you're so lucky that you found a good use for the word "snarky." that NEVER happens to me.

Anonymous said...

Well..bless your HEART! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Can we just bury that saying with the "lucky" thing!
People are so insecure! Just be the best "YOU" people and get over it! Thanks Brea...that was needed! I feel better now... Great Post!

Kim Brickles said...

I need help with this CVS thing.... I can't quite figure it out! I'm sorry folks aren't happy for you.

Anita J. said...

Brea, God bless you. I'm feeling you.

Trovador said...

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