Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Having Five Kids...

wow, I could finish that sentence in so many ways.

I know I've been absent in my blogging but we've had a wee bit going on. Tomorrow it will be 6 weeks since J.T. was born. 6 weeks. It seems like 6 days tops. Since he was born, I spent 9 days in Houston, one week packing our house for our impending move, two weeks waiting for the people who were buying our house to get their crap together so they could close, now 6 days unpacking, and I'm tired.

I have decided that having three older kids is much harder than having two little kids. I have decided that I hear "momma" at least 754 times a day. I have decided that I am going to stop feeling bad that I get giddy (literally) when 5pm rolls around as I know J will be home soon. I have decided that house work, hot showers, and being "on top of things" is a thing of the past. I'll get it done when I get it done and honestly, no one will probably know the difference.

I have not had a migraine in over two weeks! I absolutely LOVE having five children and the fact that all their differences blend into a beautiful mixture of craziness that is my life.

Joshua started smiling last Tuesday, June 9th, and has completely transformed into a completely hysterical guy. He loves for me to say "talk to me" and he will literally carry on a conversation which consists of different pitches of cooing and smiling. He is fascinated with this tongue and hands, which he just realized are at the end of his arms. I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing the older kids with him. Isaac and Luke are completely smitten, especially Isaac. They will sit and hold him for what seems like hours and whisper things like "hey there boy", fearing that someone will hear them. Mary Elizabeth thinks that every time he cries it's because he wants her to kiss him. Seriously. At the first wimper, she puckers up and kisses him. We call her the kissing monster. It's hysterical.

Anna leaves for middle school church camp Friday morning for 5 nights, 6 days! Yes, I said middle school camp. It seriously doesn't seem possible that I have a middle schooler. She thinks she is so freaking cool which makes me want to vomit and I recognize so much of myself at her age in her, which also completely freaks me out.

We LOVE our new house. I know I've said it before, but I swear this place is different. I feel so "suzy homemaker" here. I have a newfound love of home cooking and I love leaning out the back door and calling the kids in for supper. We have about an acre and at least 50 mature trees (the house is 37 years old) so the kids are having a blast exploring and pretending in our yard. I don't miss our big, new, fancy house. Don't get me wrong, it was great. But this feels like home. It reminds me of my grandparents house growing up. Nothing fancy, but a wonderful sense of being home.

That's our update. I'll try to update more as I can, especially once this house is unpacked. My OCD/ADD which I like to call ODD is really kicking in here and I find that I can't start on a new box until the last one is completely unpacked and in the right place. Oh, and because I start 30 new projects at once, it takes...a unpack a box. It's coming together though and the most important rooms (kitchen, baths, etc) are complete.

Hope you're all having a wonderful summer!


Kerri said...

I love catching up with you by reading your awesome posts. Sounds like life is happy. Congratulations on oh so many terrific things!

gretchen said...

I'm glad the new house worked out! Sounds awesome!

Amanda said...

The house sounds fabulous! And now you got me wanting to hold Joshua!