Thursday, June 25, 2009


Yep, I said it. I am overwhelmed. I don't think it's JUST the fact that I have five kids, I think it's the fact that I have five children plus I am trying to get the ball rolling for the consignment sale AND I am still trying to unpack and organize this house.

I keep reminding myself that Rome wasn't built in a day, but sometimes I do secretly wish I could snap my fingers and my "to do" list would be DONE.

Anyway, I'm putting this out there to let everyone know that I am not supermom. I do get overwhelmed, I do get stressed and I do want to check out every once in a while. Also, I'm putting my "to do" list out there to hopefully hold me a bit more accountable. I'm looking forward to crossing off the things listed below.

1. Get website updated for consignment sale
2. Get flier updated and sent to printer
3. Go though all the Encores supplies in the garage and make sure that any people that signed up for the mailing list are added for this mailing (Tracy, you interested in doing that again?)
4. Get scrapbooking closet upstairs set up and all scrapbooking items out of the various parts of the house
5. Get worker flier updated and send out email about workers to consignment peeps
6. Contact Old Navy and let them know our dates as they are interested in offering an Encores discount at the next sale WOO HOO!
7. Hang up various pics/art throughout house that needs to be hung before it gets stepped on by little feet
8. Get curtain rod for master bedroom trimmed down to fit window and hang bedroom curtains
9. Pick up paint and painting supplies for downstairs
10. Write thank you notes
11. Finish Alison's thank you notes before Char turns 12.
12. Take the HUGE load of items in the garage to the Good Samaritan Center in Hendersonville THANKS ALI!
13. Hang all of Anna's fall/winter clothes for consignment
14. Deliver hangers, pins and paper to VIP taggers.

I think that's it for now (at least the really important stuff). Trying not to get overwhelmed and hoping to knock at least 2 items off my list today!


Tracy said...

too funny, I just sent you an e-mail wondering where you had wandered off too:) and to tell you that I didn't have the names and stuff yet to update the mailing list as I figured it was getting close to time:)

Chrissy Kemp said...

Girl, I totally understand your pain! I have been overwhelmed myself lately. I am moving twice in one month, so I know what you mean about trying to get things unpacked & settled. Just try & remember that you are not expected to be superwoman. :-)

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