Monday, June 1, 2009

A Day in My Life

I've had many of you ask "how's it going?" or "hey, momma of 5 kids!" or my most favorite is "when are you going to adopt your next one?" I thought I would take a few minutes to answer some of those questions.

First: "How's it going?" Honestly, pretty well. I am completely tired ALL THE TIME and look like CRAP ALL THE TIME, but it has been a much smoother transition from 4 to 5 kids than I imagined it would be. Mary Elizabeth has done VERY well with her brother, honestly all she does is want to hold him and give him kisses when he's crying, which turn out to be french kisses and she has now given him a cold. I honestly think I could say it's been perfect had we not been in the middle of moving and our closing fell apart last Friday, so now we are playing this wonderful waiting game while our entire house is in boxes.

Second: "Hey, momma of 5 kids!" Yep, I am. And some days it feels like I have a real live herd behind me. Especially when the older kids are acting like they are 3 years old and arguing. Had I been in control, I wouldn't advise bringing home a new baby literally 5 days before your oldest children get out of school for the summer. The older kids have been crazy nuts. It's like they are afraid that someone is going to make them go back to school early so let's pack as much into a day as possible. One minute they are in full bike riding gear cruising up and down the road, the next minute they are wearing swim trunks and goggles and begging me to go swimming.

Third: "When are you bringing home the next one?" Seriously, we JUST got home. He's not even four weeks old. I have figured out that the more kids you have, the faster people ask. I'm sure the octomom was getting asked like 2 seconds after delivery. To answer your question...I think we are done unless God has other plans. Jonathan and I both have a heart for Ethiopia, but unless God lays out a clear path for us to bring more children home from Africa, I think Party of 7 sounds kind of nice. Plus, I do look forward to retiring at some point and just being J and I again, and if we keep having children, when will that ever happen. It hit me a few days ago that when Anna graduates high school, we will still have a 7 year old. Nuts, I know. Plus, if you have checked out the costs of college and weddings lately, let's just say 5 is a nice number for us.

What's next for the blog? Well, I plan to chronicle the nutjobs that have lovely comments to make to me about our diverse family. The consignment sale is starting soon so I'm sure I'll have lots of good stories there. And I'm sure I'll find a few more tales to spin for you guys!


jeanine said...

Thanks for the update! I've been anxiously awaiting to hear how everything's going. Keep up the good work! xoxo

Maria said...

Just yesterday I was talking about how quickly it will be before the consignment sale comes. I can't wait! Hopefully you'll let me work again (probably best not to let me count anything though *smile*). Love the newest pix of ME and JT!! Darling! Love reading the updates too. Have a great summer.

Chrissy Kemp said...

You are an amazing woman! I cannot imagine having five children to take care of. Sounds like you are handling things wonderfully! Hope to see you & your family when I get back to N'ville!

Anonymous said...

Here's my best one so far.."Oh my gosh, you have 4 kids??!!??, are you catholic??", so, I just say....yep, cause only catholic gals can get pregnant 4 times!! lol...people are just funny!! BTW, J.T. is so stinkin' cute, can't wait to meet him!! Holley

Nicole said...

I started reading your blog the other day and I just want to say thank you for posting about your adoption journey! My husband and I are currently waiting to adopt through Bethany and it is great to hear your family's story!