Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jon and Kate Plus 8

I've thought about writing this post for a while, but I wanted to take some time and pray about it before I did.

First, I hope that you will watch this short video before reading further or leaving a comment. It is an interview with Kate's brother and his wife who have been a part of the show up until a year ago.
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I started watching this show when it first started. I found it fascinating simply because I am a mom of multiples and I also was intrigued by how tight of a ship she ran, all while promoting a healthier way of living by eating organic foods, etc.

I have now committed to stop watching this show (including reruns) and I will not contribute to their empire by buying their books, etc. I am and have been very troubled about the exploitation of their children as I have noticed more and more shows being filmed each season. I, for a while, have also said that I don't like the way that Kate treats Jon on the show and I feel like if the roles were reversed and if Jon spoke to her the way she speaks to him, the show would have been canceled long ago.

I am typing this because I am asking you to commit to pray for this family. I am also asking you to please stop watching it. Did you know they had almost 10 million viewers on Monday night for the season premiere? That's a record for cable tv and although I am admitting I was one of them, I am also admitting that I am ashamed that I was. I am seriously concerned about their marriage, their children, and the effects of this show on these children as they grow up. I hope you will join me!


Tamara said...

Hey there B...I chose to stop watching the show for two was kind of strange, I realized how much I might speak to my husband the way Kate speaks to Jon...and I hated myself for I was committed to stopping immediately! It worked...things are MUCH Better...but I knew it would be a bad idea to watch her again...second, the second they started being a walking commercial CONSTANTLY for anything they could get a "commercial" in for...I knew I was finished. I couldnt' do it anymore. So, I will commit to praying for this family and I will also commit to not watching the show anymore.

Maggie Stamper said...

My husband saw me watching it a year ago. I probably watched about 4 shows or so, and he asked me to stop because he could not stand Kate talking to Jon on open television. He was also disturbed by the scripture she had in the background. Why? He and I agreed that, even though she was doing good, and I don't know her heart, that having scripture, but disrespecting your husband, yelling at him, and screaming at your children, just was not showing Christ at all. What if a lost person who was asking questions and saw the scripture but was still even more confused. I know that I have opened a huge can of worms, but I defend my faith very seriously.
I just don't think they need to run the show anymore. I think they need to say, "Look Kate we need to think about the children and let them run normal lives."
But in this dog eat dog world, they aren't going to do that.
I feel very bad for these kids. I often wonder if Kate is doing this for drama, or just doing it for herself. I have heard allegations, that she favors more children than she does the others. I get so upset seeing the previews, and there was one preview that I saw that just hit a sore spot in me. You may have seen it. It's the one where she goes on vacation with only ONE child. I kinda thought that was selfish just taking one child. What not all of them, or just the girls.
what do you think?

Mrs. U said...

I saw the season premiere on Monday and cried when it was over. How MUCH the family has changed since their first show!!! I am always sad for any family that is ripped apart by divorce, but when its on TV?? Oh dear, how hurtful that must be!!!!

My husband and I both decided when the show went off Monday that we will no longer watch the show. We felt like we were crossing a line in peering into their personal lives. It's no longer just a fun show- it's become something weird.

Yes, I will most definitely be praying for them!!!

Mrs. U

Beckie said...

I have only watched a couple of the shows

I agree that I don't agree with how she treats Jon!

However, I would not want to walk in her shoes for one day! To be honest, I would probably not be happy either. No amount of money could make me want to be in that situation.

Elaine said...

Oh, thank you, thank you that I found several people who are on the same page regarding that show. I am an educator and don't agree with a lot of things they're doing with these children's lives. I know they're saying that they're doing it for their children and I can't judge them for that only HE can. I have stopped watching their show for the longest time. I have quite a respect for TLC network but that has gone sore as well. They should think of the CHILDREN FIRST before any ratings or monetary benefit. They should stop exploiting these kids and the sanctity of marriage.
On another note, I would like to wish you well on another blessing from HIM. You are one lovely family.

causeyfamily said...

I agree. I didn't really like the show, just because I can't stand the way she treats Jon. I can't imagine how it would feel to be treated like that in front of millions of people, especially for a man. You can see him cringe. I'm surprised it's lasted as long as it has. So SAD. Also, she seems to be "religious". What kind of reflection are people getting from her? This whole thing could have been used to glorify God, but instead people will see it as one more reason to look at Christians as hypocrites. I will pray for her and the whole family, that God will touch their hearts and change their minds, and that they will allow Him to work out these mighty problems in their lives. He is still working miracles today. I will also commit to NOT watch the show.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

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