Thursday, May 7, 2009

He's Here and He's SO Cute!

Again, I say "what a day!" and "God is in control!"

I slept like crap last night. Woke up several times throughout the night and if you facebook, you noticed I was up watching TLC at 5am. It's not that the room was bad, I just didn't feel safe in the part of town I was in AND I'm sure nerves had a huge part in the non-sleeping.

Alison B. called at 6am to inform me she was worried about me and considering flying down to be with me. At 7am, Angie V. called to inform me she was also worried about me and considering flying down. I begged them both not to come, but Alison came anyway. At first I felt guilty, but when I saw her face at the airport at 1pm, I realized how glad I was to have someone here.

I checked out of the hotel around 11:30am with the intent of going to rent a car. The front desk lady informed me there were NO CARS at the airport as there was some convention with 120,000 people in town. Great. She took me to the airport in the shuffle and I literally got one of two cars left at Houston Hobby airport. PRAISE GOD! Now granted, I spent more on the car than I did my hotel last night, but hey, I have a car.

I left the rental car place and headed straight to the other airport to pick up AliB and then we jetted to the hospital. We stopped on the way and got some Taco Bell, which I might add was awesome (TX does Taco Bell better than TN) We got to the hospital and I was calm. Totally God. Alison got busy snapping pics including a great one of me applying some deodorant in the waiting room (hey, I was not about to meet this little guy stinking ok!)

After we had been in the waiting room, Joy (caseworker) came in and introduced herself. She was EXACTLY what I had pictured. So loving and warm and just made you feel comfortable. She told Alison and I the game plan and I immediately went with her to meet e-mom. I still wasn't that nervous, just excited. We walked in the room and let me tell you, e-mom is beautiful. Seriously. Gorgeous. We had such a sweet time in the room, talked about our kids, talked about nerves, we cried together, oh it was sweet. Crying right now just thinking about it. It was so awesome!

I came back out and sat with Alison in the waiting area. I worked a crossword puzzle, we told stories, people watched, laughed and the time went by so quickly. We knew at this point that the c-section was pushed back until 3:30pm. Joy came out and let us know things were beginning to start around 3:40pm. A little bit later a nurse came and asked for me and let me know that I would be getting the fourth bracelet which would allow me to visit Little Man just like his mom. She walked me through what would happen and I was so impressed that they thought to include me. She also let us know that the doctor was running late. Finally around 5ish, another nurse came in and asked for me. She looked at me and Alison and asked us to grab all of our stuff. She had a very serious look on her face and I just knew something was wrong. I cautiously said, "is everything ok?" and she perked right up and told me everything was great. She led me down a hall to our own birthing suite and let us know that the hospital wanted me to have a private room to visit with little man. A few minutes later, she brought little guy in. And they kicked Alison out :(

I sat in a rocking chair and held little man. Oh, he is so beautiful. A head full of hair, beautiful dark complexion, his mommy's eyes and nose (did I mention she is beautiful!) I told him how much J and I love him, how we promise to take care of him and keep him in touch with his mom, how I hate that he can't be with her. How excited all his brothers and sisters are to meet him. It was wonderful and horrible at the same time. I hate that this sweet woman can't raise her precious little man. I feel so unworthy. I also felt so blessed to be there.

After I spent some time with him, it was time to go visit e-mom with him. It was so surreal to walk in the recovery room holding her son. She looked amazing to have just had surgery and so happy to see me with him. So unselfish. I held him up for her to see him again and laid him on her chest. It was beautiful. She asked me if we had thought about names. I told her J and I wished to honor her by allowing her to help in naming him. We are going to talk more about it tomorrow.

The nurses then asked me to walk little man to the nursery which I did with Joy and the nurse. Come to find out, the nurse was an adoptive mom herself! We walked in the nursery and they said it was fine for me to stay with him. I snapped some pics and they measured him, took blood, etc. He weighs exactly 8 lbs and is 20 1/2" long. All the nurses were talking about how beautiful he is! It was a sweet time visiting with him and he was so alert...eyes wide open and so chill. M.E., I think your brother is going to be laid back like you!

After a while, Alison and I went back to the private room and I called J and my mom. Alison did a great job updating facebook and texting J during all the madness. Joy came in and we had a great time talking and making plans for the next few days.

We left the hospital, checked into the Crown Plaza which is SO nice and went next door to eat one of the best steaks I have ever had! Dinner was super yummy and I felt myself just relax while we sat there and enjoyed dinner. We are now back at the C.P. and listening to praise music and I'm in tears typing this.

I couldn't have asked for a better experience so far. Joy is awesome. The hospital staff has been very adoption friendly and birthmom is doing really well. She seems very confident in her decision and we are already making plans to visit her in September when we come to visit friends in Houston over Labor Day. Come to find out, our daughters are 4 days apart so M.E. is going to have a buddy to play with!

I can't post pics yet, but I'll do it as soon as she signs TPR on Saturday. J is flying in tomorrow and we have now decided we will be flying home versus driving. We got cold feet about driving 13 hours with a newborn. I am so happy with this decision, but tomorrow will be a busy travel day. Alison is flying out around 5pm and J is getting in around 7pm so it will be hectic. On top of that, it looks like Little Man might get to get released TOMORROW so that's exciting.

THANKS for your prayers. Today could not have been any better and I know God totally had his hand in this situation. I'll update tomorrow with more for now, everyone is healthy and I am off to bed for my last good night's sleep for a LONG time!


Anonymous said...

Brea, so excited for yall!!! I have been thinking of your family all day. You describe everything so well, it makes me feel like I am there experiencing everything with you. I love how you glorify God in all of is truly a witness!!!!


Beckie said...

Wow! Sounds like you had an amazingly perfect day! How honored you must be! Your family continues to be in our prayers...including the birth mother! What an incredible gift she has given your family! I can't wait to hear more and see pics! I can't wait to meet the Little Man! God Bless You! I love you! Love, Huggs, and Prayers!

Maria said...

I'm thanking God right along with you, dear one. I know God chose you for this child and for this woman because you are the perfect match. I'm excited to see pix of Little Man when you can post them. Know you are in my prayers and I'm right beside you in spirit, thanking God for His mighty, mighty blessing for your family!!

Jennifer Fleming said...

I have been thinking of you all day!
Did I ever tell you I gerew up in Houston!

I cried reading your story tonight!

I am so excited for you!!!
You are truly an amazing person and this little man will have a great family who will love him and provide for him and he will also know Jesus Christ! So amazing!

Meli (Jam Clothing) said...

Oh, how completely amazing!! I'm so excited for you all! Kim and I have been checking in and thinking of you. We can't wait to see your little guy.

Enjoy your sleep tonight. :)


Laura Kelley said...

Wow! I totally cried a river reading this. So, so, so sweet. You are quite the mommma and his birth mom sounds like such an amazing woman too. Cant wait to meet him.

Anonymous said...

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kristina proffitt said...

What a wonderful day and wonderful recap! My heart is filled with so much joy for you and your family when I read that, Brea! SO excited and happy for you! BIG hugs!!

amberlee said...

love love love.
happy tears a'flowin.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Brea! How beautiful! God bless you all as you begin this new and exciting chapter! Courtney