Sunday, May 10, 2009

Our First Night with J.T.

Last night was our first night outside of a hospital with J.T. We arrived at J's friends' house (who are awesome people, more on that later), got our bags in the house and fed him. This was about 7:30pm. By 8:30pm, he was hungry again but we were able to hold him off til 11:30pm where he took a full 2 oz. bottle (did I mention he's going to be the size of M.E. in no time?) Also, around 9ish, he took a gigantic crap and peed all over me so I am now officially christened with that. I had the worst headache from crying, so I crashed and then woke up to feed him at 2:30am. I changed his butt, gave him a 2 oz. bottle and he went right back to sleep. Love this kid. J took him at 6am for a 2 oz. bottle, butt change, and burp and then he went right back to sleep where he is still currently sleeping as I type this.

I should note we have never let our infants sleep with us in bed, but it really wasn't an option and I think we all slept better because of it. J and I are both very pleased with how the night went and are excited that we have such awesome hostesses that we are able to just lay in bed this morning and chill.

I have saved titles to two posts that I will be uploading hopefully later today. They are Day 2 and Day 3 recaps, but I just don't have the energy to type it all up right now. When I post them, they will precede this one, so definitely check back if you want all the goods.

Now, we stay in Texas and we wait for ICPC clearance. Basically that's both TN and TX deciding when we can leave and re-enter our home state with a child we adopted. PRAY this goes quickly. We already have plans to visit with birthmom on Wednesday, so we are excited about that. We miss the kids at home desperately, but they made me the sweetest mother's day cards that I absolutely LOVE so that made today a little more bearable. I'm signing off to go back to sleep. I shouldn't be surprised that the emotions of yesterday have made me exhausted, but yet, I hate that I am so tired. More updates later!


Anonymous said...

A very special happy mothers day! I just talked to JuJu and she filled me in a little and then I went to your blog. JT is so cute and we are praying that you will be able to come home with your new son soon. LU CAJane

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother Day, how exciting!!! J.T. is just aborable. Keep us posted. You are all in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Brea, You get the "WHAT A WOMAN" award! God's Blessings upon you and your new son...May he grow in wisdom and statue, and come to know our LORD at an early age, as he serves Him with his whole life!
Congratulations, I'm praying with you!

Susan Harris