Thursday, May 14, 2009

ICPC Prayers Needed

So, when you adopt from a state other than where you live, you have to deal with a little thing called ICPC. It basically stands for "making you wait in another state for a long time" Technically speaking, it's where the state you adopted from gives you permission to leave the state with an adopted child and the state you live in gives you permission to re-enter with the adopted child. It involves a bunch of paperwork from your homestudy being sent from state to state via Fed Ex.

Why do we need prayers? Well, first our paperwork went to Austin, TX for TX approval. Then, it leaves from Austin to Nashville and TN approves it. Once Nashville approves it, they give a verbal approval and we can leave. Wouldn't you know the day our paperwork arrives in Austin that one of the TWO people in the whole state is on vacation. So, now we wait. We don't know if it really backed us up or not as there is no system in tracking our paperwork. We could still be given permission to leave tomorrow but basically as our caseworker said, "it would take a miracle". Well, guess what...we believe in those!

Regardless of approval or not, J is leaving to come home tomorrow night. We are DYING to see our other children and although they have been taken care of wonderfully, I know they are dying to see us too. If we don't get approval, it means that J will be flying home without J.T. and I and we won't get to come home until Monday.

So, please join us in praying for that miracle. We want to come home TOMORROW! We know that all things are according to his will and we are so being taken care of here in Houston, so you won't hear me complain if we don't get that approval, but oh, how I want to come home. I want my other children to meet their new little brother, I want to be able to sleep in my own bed and soak in my own tub. I want to give our host family a nice weekend without us before they have more guests arriving Tuesday. I realize I want all these things and in reality, I want what God wants for us, but selfishly can we please come home?

THANK YOU for your prayers. We'll keep you posted!


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How frustrating for all of you. Ya'll are in my prayers. Good luck!