Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Much Of An Update

It's Monday afternoon, M.E. is napping and I am sort of caught up for a bit so I thought I would take a few minutes to do an update.

The inspection on our house was Friday. I think I had forgotten to mention that we had a "minor" leak in our basement that with the help of an awesome contractor and $685 we thought we had fixed. Well, on Friday morning while they inspected the house during the monsoon (am I spelling that correctly?) it started to leak again. Lovely. Now, I don't know about you, but a leak in a basement would totally freak me out, especially if it started leaking while inspecting the said house that I wished to buy. I was a wreck. I just KNEW they were going to back out of the contract even though we promised to get it fixed. I was doubting that everything God had so perfectly orchestrated the week before was going to fall apart. Friday afternoon came and went, as did the weekend without a word from the buyers. Were they backing out? This morning Ray called to say they were moving forward so that is a total praise. We still have to fix the leak, but I am so glad they trusted us enough to make it right, which we will.

E-mom went to the doctor on Thursday. She is dialated a little and basically left the appointment knowing that unless she decides to schedule another c-section (she has had one prior), we will just wait for labor to start. So we wait. I finally pulled a suitcase down out of the attic and I need to start semi-packing as I know when I get the call, I won't have long to get to the airport and board a plane. I'm really not nervous about the last minute traveling, etc. I am probably more nervous about being there for delivery and making sure that she has her time with the baby. Texas law allows her to sign TPR (termination of parental rights) at 48 hours and then unless she can prove fraud, etc. she can't change her mind. Honestly, this makes me sick. I know what shape I was in 48 hours post delivery and I can't imagine having a clear mind to know what I was signing, especially something that is permanent. If I could tell her anything, I would tell her we support her whether she decides to place with us or parent. I know that some of reading this are probably thinking "yeah right" but we really do. Will it be hard leaving Texas without a baby? Yes. But we know we couldn't live with ourselves if this woman truly wanted to parent and no one ever gave her that option. We are not owed another child, we don't deserve another child...and only if it's God's will do we want another child.

I am also taking the day to do a floor plan of this house for the homestudy which is required by Texas law, but not by Tennessee law. We must draw out a floorplan and include pics and descriptions of each room in the house. This is something I have been meaning to do for a few days, but other things keep jumping ahead. While walking room to room, I realize that we have some serious furniture to sell that won't fit in the new house. New house is 2200 sq. feet but a large portion of that is bedrooms. It has 5 which is awesome. At this point, I think I will just list everything on craigslist as I certainly don't have the time or the energy to have a yard sale and honestly, I think I will get more for it there on craigslist. Right now, I know we are getting rid of the boys bunkbeds, a red desk, the table and chairs in our eat-in area and I'm sure there will be a bit more. In the new house, we will only have a formal dining room so I'm really excited to finally use it as you and I both know it won't be that formal!

That's it for us. Hopefully the next post from me will be that I am getting on a plane!

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