Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sometimes You Just Need A Fork

I had a doctor's appointment this morning at 10am and in typical Brea fashion, I was running late. I won't mention that the three older kids were at school and M.E. spent the night at Gram's last night. Yes, I was still running late. As I was getting ready to leave, I realized I was hungry so I grabbed some yogurt, a banana and a Sprite. I also reached into the cabinet and grabbed a plastic spoon for my yogurt.

I got in the car and started heading towards the doctor's office. I opened the yogurt and grabbed my spoon, uh fork. Crap, I had grabbed a fork. How am I supposed to eat yogurt with a fork? My mouth was ready for yogurt, so I ripped off the lid and started slopping the yogurt in with a fork. It was not pretty. Man, I needed a spoon.

It made me think about the last few days. I never expected in a million years that all of the things that have happened would happen all at once. Who else could sell a house, sell a car, and adopt a baby in a week's time. I had a plan. In my plan, we would sell the house, the air conditioning wouldn't have gone out in the van, and we would get THE call a few months after we moved. My plan would have been perfect right? Nope, God knew I needed a fork. I needed to be a bit uncomfortable so I would fully rely on him. He wants to stretch us so we will grow and be closer to him. He wants me (and others) to see that HIS way may not seem to fit our plans, but HIS way is perfect and should not be questioned. I'm excited about the next few weeks!


Laura Kelley said...

Great, great post. Loved it.

Elizabeth said...

Thank you Brea! I really needed this tonight. I will no longer complain about my fork!!

kristina proffitt said...

Love that post, Brea! :)
Happy Friday!!

Kristi J said...

Wow..I've missed out on sooo much!!!! Congrats on it all!! I'm sad I didn't get to meet you all at the gold party...Hopefully there will be something soon where we can all get together....Maybe the garage sale??? Congrats excited about all your awesome news, kj

jeanine said...

Well said. Looking forward to catching up w/ you.