Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Oh, how I love to spring clean. I just lied. I don't actually enjoy the cleaning aspect of it, but I love to purge and I love going in a room and knowing it is DONE!

I have been dealing with migraines a lot this week, so today has been the first day I have really been doing some productive work. I decided after lunch to tackle M.E.'s room. I had already cleaned out Anna's room, so it was time to do the next girl. As I type, I have a HUGE mound of clothing in the middle of her floor, but the closet is P-E-R-F-E-C-T. All the spring/summer clothes are grouped together, fall/winter clothes for next year are in the back and the few baby things I have went ahead and bought are at the very front. I am currently hanging outfits for Saint Vickie to tag for the next consignment sale.

Because I swear I have ODD (a combination of OCD and ADD), I have also started two other projects (that's what I do...start a million projects and expect them all to be perfect). I am working in the living room on a bin from the garage. In it I have found loads of books my kids are done with that will also be going to Saint Vickie, a trash bag full of random stuff for my friend Tracy who is having a yard sale this weekend to raise money for her adoption, and another bag of stuff for my friend Amber who is having a yard sale in May for her adoption.

I have also been actively listing things of significant value I have found on ebay and I am proud to announce I have sold over $250 worth of CRAP so far in two weeks. I had a large lot of Longaberger liners, etc. that I had bought at a yard sale for $60 that I turned around and sold for $150. Then, I sold a Leapster I had found at a yard sale for $8 in which I turned around and sold for $42. Last but not least, a pair of pants I had bought at Matilda Jane that didn't fit...and I actually sold them for more than I paid! All this money is going towards my new crib I bought this weekend (no, I didn't pay that for know me better than that). We actually moved M.E. into the new crib and are going to put new baby into M.E's old crib. Did I mention that once I move the large pile out of the middle of the floor, her room will be perfect?

So, that's what's new for us. How's your Spring cleaning going?


Anonymous said...

slowly, but getting there. I'm like you, I start 15 billions projects and get 1 done. I finally just told myself start on one project for an hour and move on to the other. I wonder if God can just make 1 48 hour day, just so I can get two things done:0)

Stacey B said...

I am not spring cleaning, I cleaned in the fall when our house was supposedly sold and we moved out & then it fell through :) There were some positives though, my spring cleaning got done early, and the house is now freshly painted!!! :P

amberlee said...

Have I told you today that you are awesome? :)

Maria said...

What's spring cleaning? *smile* LOVE the pix of M.E. on your header. I think I need to contact the BIL to take some pix of Ellie. Whatcha' think?? Following along with the adoption roller coaster and praying with you. God has the baby picked out. He just wants to entertain you and teach you for a while until He is ready to unveil His blessing. What great students (and teachers to others) you are being along the way!

I have BOXES of stuff in the closet for the next sale. Can't wait!!

Katie said...

Your to funny I think I have ODD too.. I have high expectations for myself, can't sit down and like to have a lot going on at once but then I get stressed and anxious, hmmm.. I will be thinking and praying about the new baby to come.