Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday Yard Sale Finds

My wonderful mother in law, Barbara, and I went to a neighborhood yard sale this morning. She has never been with me and I think I broke her in well. We'll see if she comments on this.

We headed to Mansker Farms neighborhood sale at 6am. I had an empty Suburban, cash and a sweet tea from McDonalds. FIRST HOUSE: found a Longaberger medium gathering basket for $3. OH YEAH! I also bought some books. Barbara found some scrapbooking supplies.

We then headed down to two houses on the same street that had sales side by side. Barbara got the boys an AWESOME power wheels four wheeler. Next door, which happened to be a sweet consignor, I bought a beautiful set of silk curtains which I have no idea where I will hang, but I will build windows if I have to. I also bought some alphabet stamp sets for my friend Laura, who had randomly mentioned she wished she had more a few weeks ago. Barbara got a toy stroller for M.E., more scrapbook supplies, and some dishes for church.

From there, we kept on going. I had $100 to spend and I had $10 left when the day was done. I bought some textbooks to resell on Amazon, some AMAZING baby clothes for the new one (I found both boy and girl and didn't pay more than $1 each for them..including some NWT Gymboree! WOO HOO), books for the kids, a skateboard for Luke (it was on his list), and an awesome tricycle for M.E. that has the handle on the back so I can push her while she is little. I also found her a whole accessory set for her Bitty Baby doll that I will put up until Christmas as she isn't old enough yet to appreciate it. I got 3 Nintendo DS games for the boys, a Leappad writing system to donate to the kindergarten classes at Beech, and the most awesome coat for M.E. for next winter.

We bought so much stuff that Jonathan had to come swap cars with me so we could keep going...we seriously filled the Suburban up. We had a great time and it was sweet, sweet time with Barbara. If I haven't told you before, this woman rocks! She is funny, so loving and let me tell you...she is also a dealseeker!

Already looking forward to Mansker Farms next year!

P.S. I had to come home and clean as they showed our house TWICE today AND they are showing it again tomorrow. We might just sell this sucker!


Anonymous said...

I had a wonderful time. I'm so excited about the "bargins" I found. Can't wait to see the 3 older grandchildren enjoy the 4 wheeler and see Mary's reaction to the stroller. This was a first for me and I really enjoyed the adventure. I look forward to doing it again sometime.


Laura Kelley said...

I love my stamps. If I dont say it enough, you're the best!

Anonymous said...

We are having a community yard sale in Alexandrea Place. I'm actually organizing it. When we have everything planned out, I will let you know the date, times and everything else. We are going to do signs, maps, and other things as well.
I will keep you posted!

Oatsvall Team said...

what a fun day !!!! the basket was a steal @ $3 ... I know you smiled big all day as you shopped ...