Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Adoption Update on Tax Day

I am sitting here watching the late news and thanking GOD that we got our taxes done months ago. They had someone live at the post office in Nashville that is open til midnight and the lines were LONG. So glad I am not stressed about that tonight.

Honestly, I'm not stressed about anything tonight. Call it purging, nesting, whatever you will...but I got a ton done today. M.E.'s room is done and all of her fall/winter clothing is on hangers and ready to be tagged for the next consignment sale. I think it's a record peeps...I'm already starting and it's mid-April.

Several of you have emailed asking how the adoption is going. It's funny because you always start out by saying "I hate to ask, but how are things going?" PLEASE, we are so THANKFUL you ask and remember us! THANK YOU! The adoption process has definitely slowed down since we asked Valley of Hope to stop sending us stuff. Our profile was shown on Monday, but we haven't heard anything yet and I'm really in no hurry. I want the e-mom to take all the time she needs to make a decision.

Our next step: well, we will finally send in our registration to Catholic Charities and then just sit back and relax. I have found a new site that I am in love with...not only because of their mission, but also it gives me a face and a name to pray for. These children need homes just like all the others so I pray that they find their forever homes very soon.

I am also putting my creative energy into some planning for my friend Laura's gold party on Monday night. If you haven't heard of a gold party, well, let me tell you. It's all the rage right now. Basically, these "gold people" come set up and buy your gold! Yep, all those nasty old boyfriend rings, charms, broken chains, even dental gold (EEWWW!) The best part: they pay you cash on the spot and Laura gets a percentage for their adoption fund. How cool is that? 'Bout time you go to a home party and get paid for coming huh? What I decided to do to help out was to put another twist on it. While you are cleaning out your gold, clean out all that other jewelry you just don't wear anymore and donate it to Laura. We will have a table with all the "costume" jewelry on it and it will all be $3 each. ALL THE MONEY from this goes to their adoption fund. So, you need to bring your gold, your costume jewelry, and some money. Laura's going to be feeding everyone so feel free to stop by. It doesn't matter that you may not know her, just email her and she'll give you directions. They are bringing home their little man from Ethiopia SOON and need this party to be a huge success so that they can bring him home debt free! See you there!


Kristi J said...

Ok, so I'm going to try and go to the gold party and bring some snacks to share to help with food costs..I just left her a message...I'll wear my cool Ethiopia shirt she made :) I just need her address so I can plug it in my car...Can't wait to meet you guys, kristi

Laura Kelley said...

Oh thanks Brea! Youre just the best. Im so excited!