Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Time to toot some horns

Well, with all the madness of the last few weeks, I had compiled a little list of people I wanted to give some shout outs to. Yes, this post will be a little random, but if I don't do it now, I probably won't do it.

First, to Uncle Josh. Dude, your work is blowing me away (he's a photographer) His latest work of my precious niece, Maggie, and the last pic of my amazing sister, Ali, is unbelievable. The Lord has given him an AMAZING talent. And he's cheap...that's always good. Email him ASAP and book a spring portrait'll be happy you did.

Second, to A Bundle of Joy referral service. This is a company based out of NC. They are basically a go between, connecting agencies that have hard to place adoption situations with couples looking to adopt. We were contacted by them about the baby in FL last week and I have to tell you, they knocked our socks off! Martine and Kenya are the owners and they should each get a gold star for their compassion and customer service. They were constantly giving us updates, returned phone calls at the speed of light, and they get it when it comes to adoption. They promise to help their clients achieve an ethical adoption as fast as possible and they aren't afraid to stop working with an agency if they see that they are using unethical practices. Did I mention they are CHEAP! $100 to sign up with them and the match fee is around $1200 (I think) In the referral world, that is super cheap and I was super impressed with their ethics. You ladies rock! I SO WISH all agencies, referral services, etc. were like you! Check them out if you are looking to adopt and be sure to email them because many situations come and go so quickly that they don't have a chance to post them on their blog.

Have you checked out the new Shoe Carnival at Glenbrook in Hendersonville? They have got it GOING ON! It is super clean, the staff is super nice and they had an awesome basketball set-up that kept my kids busy while trying to wrestle them into trying on shoes. Plus, they are offering buy one get one half price. The best part? I got up front to pay and because I was buying four pairs, she let me spin the wheel giving me another $3 off. GOOD JOB Shoe Carnival...we will definitely be back.

Last, but certainly not least, you have got to go check out one of my favorite restaurants in Hendersonville: THE VERANDA. They don't have a website, but if you are in Hendersonville, TN on a Tuesday-Saturday, you need to check out this restaurant. Located in the back of Patricia Jane, a quaint little store that sells Vera Bradley, this awesome mother daughter team makes the best grilled Pimento Cheese sandwich EVER! Their fruit tea is to die for and their daily specials are awesome. They have indoor and outdoor seating and even have an area for you to have your daughter's tea party for her next birthday. I just love them to death...tell them I said hello when you stop in to eat!

That's it...that's all the horns I have to toot!


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