Saturday, April 4, 2009


Sometimes it is so easy for me to get frustrated. I can be in a perfectly good mood and see something I have told the kids to pick up four times already and it just ticks me off.

Right now, I am frustrated with the adoption process. All I ask is that I have somewhat of a clue as to what is going on. Just when I am so frustrated I can scream, we get an update but then it's like we start all over and then hear nothing for a while and I get frustrated all over again. I hate that I feel this way.

I think most people would assume that I am frustrated because we are desperate for another child. Honestly, that's not the case. We TRULY believe that God is in control of this adoption (are you tired of me saying that yet?) so we know that his will is perfect and whatever is supposed to happen will happen. I am frustrated because in the adoption "industry" I have discovered that many people just don't keep you in the loop. I suspect it's because they are honestly just busy, but sometimes you just want to say "don't forget the adoptive parents!"

I remember when we were in the waiting process pre-Mary Elizabeth, we would be called to tell we were being shown and DAYS would go by before we heard anything, even a small update. When you call to question, you would get the standard "try to stay busy, we know it's hard, but God is in control!" Well, DUH...I know God is in control, but I also know that there's a little thing called "planning" I would like to do and a simple phone call even saying "we don't know anything yet" would be really nice. Especially when I feel like I am bugging you every time I call you.

So, the adoption update is this: expecting mom in GA has had her due date pushed back a bit. We don't have any other information on her, but continue praying for her. We have been asked by several different agencies this week to show our profile, which we have turned down. We still feel confident that our profile is in the right place...with this woman in Georgia.

I'm trying not to get frustrated and just realize this is part of the process. It happened last time, it's going to happen this time. Please continue to pray for us. The kids are on Spring Break next week so we are planning some fun activities including Rock City, going to the houseboat, and visiting grandparents and friends.

I'll keep you posted!

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Liz R said...

hi-just another frustrated adopting women. I hear you. I wonder if private laywers are more on top of it than the public agencies we're both least you have 4 kids! we have none...