Monday, May 11, 2009

Day Two Recap

Well, for some reason, blogger decided to erase my two entries I had made to keep things in order on here. I'm sure as soon as I finish retyping, they will magically reappear. Isn't that how it always happens?

I am backing up to go through my second day at the hospital with you. Alison B. and I arrived at the hospital around 8:30am. I immediately went to birthmom's room to check on her. We had a great time talking and then Alison came in and took tons of awesome pics of her and Joshua together, the pics of Joshua you have seen on here and a few of me with Joshua and birthmom.

We left around 10:30am to go run some errands and pick up lunch for birthmom. She was really hungry and the hospital food sucked so we decided to get her favorite food, chinese. We headed down to the First Colony mall in Sugarland, TX. This is a really nice area of Houston and Alison and I checked out the mall for a few minutes. Then, we headed to a local florist so I could get some fresh flowers for the birthmom. After that, we did a Sonic run and picked up the Chinese food. Then, it was back to the hospital.

While we were gone, the birthmom's family came to visit but we got stuck in traffic so we missed them. We got back and while birthmom ate, Alison went to the cafeteria and got us lunch. Joy (caseworker) was great about guiding me with what to do. She suggested I only spend about an hour at a time in the room so that neither of us got overwhelmed and no one got to the point of being uncomfortable. I should tell you that the conversation with the birthmom just flowed. She is a LOVELY woman and I know we will be lifelong friends.

I visited with birthmom again until about 4:30pm. She was exhausted and both Joy and I encouraged her to get some rest. J's flight wasn't getting in until 7:40pm and by the time we could get back to the hospital, it would have been close to the end of visiting hours so we made plans to be there first thing Saturday morning so she could meet J. We also wanted to bring her breakfast from IHOP, one of her favorite places to eat.

I left the hospital with Alison and took her to Bush airport. I was so sad to see her go. I don't know how I would have done the previous two days without her. For anyone adopting out of state, I encourage you to go with someone, even if your spouse can't go right away. We told stories, laughed, people watched...having her here made the time fly by and it was great to decompress each day with someone who gets it (Alison is an adoptive momma to two girls).

I left Bush and immediately drove to the other airport, Hobby, to pick up Jonathan. He and his luggage arrived with no issues and before we knew it, we were back on the Stafford side of town checking into our hotel. We walked next door to THE LARGEST Chinese buffet I have ever seen. Seriously, I took pics. If I wasn't so exhausted right now, I would post them, but I will do that later on. It was so big, we called Uncle Josh who loves to eat and explained it to him in detail. Seriously, five LONG lanes of sushi, everything Chinese, salad bar and dessert. AND it was really good. What made it even better was that my wonderful husband was finally here with me.

We headed back to our hotel and were in bed in no time. We were both EXHAUSTED. I was so tired because I think the emotions of everything were wearing me out. He was so tired because he had worked all day, caught a flight, and he was a nervous wreck about meeting birthmom and Joshua the next morning.

So that's the Day Two recap. I'll post Day Three later on.

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Rachel Wilson said...

i just wanted ou to kow i was thinking of you guys and praying.