Monday, November 26, 2007

I "officially" felt old today

Yes, it was one of "those" days.

A few weeks ago, J and I decided it was time to up our life insurance. On 11/16, a nurse came to the house to draw blood and get a urine sample for my life insurance screening. Side note: I find it hilarious that the nurse smelled like a 6 pack of beer and Camel lights and she was here to check to make sure I was healthy. Anyway, in the mail today was my lab results. Oh joy!

As I was looking through everything, I was silently doing the "good job Brea" and "yeah, you still got it" b/c all my numbers were great. Then, I got to Cholesterol. Normal is 140-199. Mine was 209 and this was after fasting for 13 hours!!! Not only that, but my LDL (THE BAD CHOLESTEROL) was 129 and normal is 0-129. Yes, I am getting old. My cholesterol is high. What the crap!?!?! Not only that, but my cover letter tells me that because of my high cholesterol, I am putting myself at an increased risk of heart disease. Gee, thanks.


Amy said...

Then this will make you feel young again. I'm almost 31 and my cholesterol is over 300! It's been this way for YEARS!(It's genetic....but who cares when it's that high!)

Anonymous said...

Yep....I'm in the club too!! Been working on that one since my twenties when it was 250+. Now, in my 30s my metabolism did something crazy and I'm back within normal ranges. Go figure!!