Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mary Elizabeth's Due Date

Yesterday (11/13) was Mary Elizabeth's due date (at best we can tell) She is now 6 lbs exactly and 18 3/4" long. Yesterday had also been one month since we brought her home. I love her so much. SO MUCH. I love the way she gets big eyes when the room is dark, the way she smells, the way her hair curls up like she has a new perm after a bath, the way she "roots" around on my chest when she is hungry and ends up leaving wet marks all over my shirt, the way she opens her eyes in little slits to see who is there before she actually opens them all the way up, the way she screams bloody murder when she is getting a bath but can turn off the waterworks immediately when she hits the warm, fuzzy towel. I love to see my husband holding her. I love seeing my other daughter holding her. I love to see Isaac and Luke kiss the top of her head. I love to see her sucking her thumb (which is quite hysterical), how she has just noticed that she has fingers on her hands and she keeps smacking herself in the face as she tries to bring them towards her, how she loves to snuggle on my chest. I am a blessed woman indeed.


Ray said...

Yes you are truly blessed.

Anonymous said...

Brea you are so blessed!!! Mary Elizabeth is so precious too!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you truly are blessed. I am dying to meet her but with three kids here I am so scared I could be carrying a funky germ! I am so glad she is growing and thriving.

Rachel Wilson

Anonymous said...

And we too are blessed....we have you in our lives, who has brought Mary Elizabeth into our "radar". May we never forget how lonely she was without you!!