Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Power Of A Blog

5 years ago no one had ever heard of the word "blog" (or at least I hadn't)

Now, you are essentially an oddball if you don't have one (even if you hardly ever post to it) Yes, it is a great place to share family news, pics from a recent vacation, or a new pet...but, it can be so much more than that. It can be a place where people see Jesus in you through your writing.

I found yet another example of that today. Patti Keitzman is a consignor at my consignment sale. She actually was at the first one I did 3 years ago where I was practically begging people to bring their stuff (my how times have changed!). Her husband, Brad, taught with my sister Alison so she found out about the sale through her. My sister has said multiple times through through the years how much she admired Brad Keitzman as a teacher. On October 31, he was officially diagnosed with cancer and he died today. You know, I won't pretend that they were dear, close friends or that I even knew them that well. I also won't pretend to know how they feel. What I do know is that this family needs us to pray for them....they have two young daughters. Although their blog doesn't have too much detail, I just felt Jesus while reading it. Check it out if you get a chance...www.keitzman.blogspot.com

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