Sunday, April 6, 2008

More About Oprah

For those of you that don't read my comments on my blog, I hope that you will take 5 minutes to cut and paste this link into your browser and watch this video. Now, anyone can see at the end that it was put together with the intent of selling this person's book which I DO NOT WANT YOU TO DO (heck, I don't even know what it is) but what I do want you to do, is listen to what Oprah has to say in the video.

We as Christians have a responsibility to tell others not to buy into this crap.

I want to take a minute to tell you why I chose to put this on my blog yesterday:

The other day I met a friend of a friend at lunch. I had never met this person before and although we had a delightful lunch, at the end he began discussing what he was currently reading. Since I am an avid reader, I immediately started asking questions on what he recommended and although I have read quite a few of Oprah's book club books, I must admit there was something about this new one that just seemed a little odd to me (A New Earth). This new friend immediately began singing it's praises and telling me how he was part of the class and how discouraged he got when on the night of the first online "meeting", the computer couldn't handle the number of people trying to get online and locked him out. He went on to say that he was ok with it because he became comforted because they fixed the problem and he was ready for the second lesson. I immediately thought to myself what the crap is this all about?

The above link will tell you.

Again, I think Oprah does wonderful things with her money and helps out many people...but so does people like Bill Gates and yet they don't need any credit for it. I encourage each of you to watch the short video and form an opinion for yourself, but most importantly, put your faith in JESUS, not people of this world.

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Anonymous said...

ha! I just posted on this today. Read Haggai chapter 1. Check out my blog.