Wednesday, April 16, 2008

So what do you do...

This is the question that the ER nurse asked me last night. He had four children so I was pretty surprised he asked me that as I had already told him that we also had four children. I simply laughed and said, "well, I'm a stay at home mom to four kids" Maybe I should have really told him what I do...maybe like a typical day in the life of Brea. That got me thinking...what does a typical day look like for me? Well, I'll tell you. This was Brea's Tuesday (4/15):

*woke up at 5am to hear Mary Elizabeth puking on the living room floor (Jonathan was feeding her and she has been sick with an ear infection and some light drainage which causes her to puke more than usual). Checked to see if he was ok, went back to bed

*woke back up at 7ish to tell the kids goodbye and to have a good day, kisses, etc. M.E. is still sleeping. Laid back down but didn't go back to sleep.

*8ish and M.E. is starting to wake up. I have already had my shower, gotten dressed, tried to eat cereal and I get her ready for her 10am doctor's appt.

*9am: Feed M.E. 2 oz of milk as she typically pukes when she gets a shot and although I know she is now hungry, 2 oz. will tide her over until she gets the shot at 10am (she is going for her RSV preventative)

*10am: arrive at pediatrician's office for what is supposed to be a quick shot like it usually is. At this point, I have already returned several phone calls.

*10:30am: finally called back to a room and I am fuming (which I typically don't do but if you keep reading you will understand why- I have a busy day ahead and didn't plan to sit in the waiting room for 30 minutes- this is not like my doctor's office)

*11am: Jonathan comes to meet me as I am supposed to meet Angie V. at 11:30am. Again, still no shot for M.E.

*11:30am: meet Candy and Angie at Gymboree where she and I swap out some inventory that I need to ship at UPS store later that afternoon.

*12pm: as I am grabbing a quick bite to eat, Jonathan calls to inform me that she has not gotten the shot and that the doctor wants to send M.E. to Vanderbilt for a chest x-ray to make sure she doesn't have pneumonia. I am officially freaking out. He tells me everything is ok and that she is fine/he is fine and to keep going with my day.

*12:30pm: go to Chic-Fil-A to get a food platter to take to funeral home

*1ish: go to florist to pick out plant for funeral home

*2pm: arrive at said funeral home to spend time with my dear friend Lisa who lost her dad on Sunday. Take food upstairs, go potty (first time today mind you), and spend time with the family.

*3:30pm: leave funeral home to start the journey back home

*4pm: stop at post office to mail my dumb taxes to the IRS (I'm not bitter)

*5pm: arrive home and Jonathan and I look at each other and sigh because we are both exhausted.

*5:30pm: neighbor kid knocks on front door and tells us to come quick! Jonathan and I both take off through the front yard to find that Isaac has fallen off an 8 foot retaining wall. He is hysterical until I mention the ER and then says he is fine but wants to come inside. We come inside where he immediately says he wants to lay down. This is very unlike him, so we load the kids up, drop the other kids off at my sister's house (one street over THANK GOD!) and head to the ER

*5:40pm: yes, we did all of the above in 10 minutes and yes, at 5:40pm we are at the ER. Isaac is still crying and mommy feels like crying and daddy is mentioning something about stiff drinks and vacation. Isaac gets triaged.

*7:40ish: after an IV, CT scan of his head and abdomen, we are all clear to come home. Isaac is fine, just going to be sore.

*8pm: arrive home after collecting food, kids, but alas, no liquor or vacation plans.

*8:30pm: eat said food, Isaac takes a bath, Luke is now wailing b/c Isaac gets to sleep downstairs which is no fair which leads Anna to start crying because she doesn't want to sleep in her room if no one else is.

*9ish: kids are all asleep in our room on the floor

*10:30pm: lights out for mommy and daddy

So that's what I do. Now granted, it's not always that dramatic, but it is usually that chaotic. And yes, I wouldn't trade it for anything (well, except a vacation now and then)


mayhem said...

I'm glad he's okay!

And ME's chest x-ray was okay, too?

Alison B. said...

you forgot to add talked on the phone to alison while trying to decide what to have for dinner!

ha. this made me laugh and then when i read that anna was crying because no one else had to sleep in their room, i actually laughed out loud.

fun times. can't wait till there's a few more in the mix.

Amy said...

Girl, I love reading your blog! You make me smile! What a day!!!!!

Brea said...

I totally forgot to add that yes, M.E.'s chest xray was clear!

Anonymous said...

WOW Brea.. atleast you never have to worry about a dull moment.. but you know.. I know you wouldn't change a thing! You and Johnathon are wonderful parents... I hope M.E. is doing better.. I will keep all of you in my prayers!!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow...I can't really find any other word. Wow......


jeanine said...

hee hee. And they said "working mothers" get all the action . . . don't we beg to differ??? Good job, buddy. Call me when you have a hard time hanging in there ... its what we do. ;)