Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Surprise For Jonathan

I have been wanting to surprise Jonathan by having our landscaping done so he wouldn't have to fool with it. The problem was that I had no idea who to call that would do a good job. When I found out that my friend Chrystal's husband mowed yards and did landscaping on the side, I was PUMPED! Needless to say, we have kept him quite busy!

Yesterday, Jonathan found out he got a new job at an awesome company about 10 minutes from our home (no more 60 minute commute ONE WAY to work anymore! He's been doing that for 11 years). I didn't realize he would get the job yesterday, but I already had the landscaping surprise planned so it was an awesome CONGRATS present for him.

Travis Duke showed up and tilled the area that needing planting (we were landscaping the backyard too!):

He then laid down the landscaping paper, mulched, planted, and added stone:

Next, he planted a beautiful new Japanese maple by the front door:

He then went on to plant the shrub that he took out to make room for the maple by the mailbox (not to mention he laid paper, mulched, etc. by the mailbox). Last but not least, he took the extra mulch he had left over and laid on our front beds. Mind you, he had just done our front beds two weeks ago, but isn't that awesome that just out of the goodness of his heart he went back and refreshed them!

THANKS so much to Travis and Mr. Duke (his dad) for making my yard beautiful! I can't tell you how much it meant to both Jonathan and I that you guys did such a beautiful job!

Travis also mows our yard every week and let me tell will not find a more reliable guy that does your yard for a cheaper price around! If you live anywhere between White House and Brentwood and need an estimate, leave a comment and I'll send you his phone number!


Amy said...

Can I get his name and number? We have a few landscaping things that I want to do myself.....but not sure if I am going to be able to get it done.....THANKS!

Destry said...

Please email me his number too.

We have been through three different lawn care companies and are an inch away from firing the fourth.

Why won't people show up when they are supposed to, and why do they "forget" to weed eat certain spots?

Ummm...sorry to complain about my lawn people on your blog...I just got excited to see the word RELIABLE in your endorsement...

Yay for Jonathan's new job...the commute will make a huge difference.

AND, yay for new landscaping...we had 8 trees installed yesterday and our yard looks totally different. I know you'll enjoy it.

Brea said...

Hey girls,

His name is Travis and his # is 339-6949. I'm not putting the area code and hopefully he won't get spam phone calls :) You guys know it anyway, he's local.

Destry-Jonathan's new job is literally RIGHT by your house. He is going to work at STR-Smith Travel Research right there off Gallatin Road. He is super excited!

Anonymous said...

I know a great guy that does landscaping and lawn work too! My hubby Doug if anyone is interested in him!
Amy Williams

justforcd said...

brea, thank you for mentioning travis and his landscaping business. i am glad you were pleased with the results. by the way....i love the japenese maple! it is one of my all time favs..i also wanted to say thank you for your generosity and your very giving spirit; hence the reason you are so blessed. i know the "sale" is over but it is finally getting warm enough for my kids to wear all of the ever so cute clothes i got at encores north. so thank you for having a sale that allows a mom of three to be able to buy trendy, affordable, and great quality "used" and even brand new boutique clothes that i could otherwise not be able to afford. your sales have been such a blessing to our family. thank you.