Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Grocery Trip

Ok, so I know I didn't get this on last night, but hey, I've been a little busy.

Angie and Robert left for Russia on Sunday to bring home sweet Abigail so we are now a family of 5 kids versus a family of 4 kids.

There really wasn't any magic to this trip. I just spent some time clipping regular coupons out of the paper and then searching money saving mom for other coupons that were printable.

I made my normal grocery list, my Publix ad and my coupons and I was good to go. I only spent about 20 minutes longer than normal and I swear we got more food than we normally get. I haven't done the totals yet, but I think I got about $250 of food for about $110. I'll do the math off of receipts and update this later.

Oh, and the baseball bat and ball were $.45 at CVS and Anna wanted to make sure you all knew that we got that as well!

Here's the pic:


jeanine said...

Is it bad that we all enjoy arranging our purchases for an exciting photo opp as much as we enjoy saving as much money as we do? lol Good job.

Anonymous said...

great job girl!

Anonymous said...

way to go Brea..


Rachel Wilson said...

ok so I am totally into this coupon circle idea. i want to know how to do the CVS thing.

Spence and Lori said...

I still get wigged out when I pop up on the traffic feed, so thought I'd just say hi. I've just noticed your posts on Bethany's board, so I'm blog surfing. - Lori
P.S. I totally staged a pic of some yard sale treasures once and posted them on my blog.