Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July Parade

Every year since, well, forever we have gone to the 4th of July parade in Greenbrier. It's where Jonathan and I both grew up and although I didn't even know a parade even existed while I was growing up, well that changed once we married. It's a big deal if you live on top of the ridge. Everyone goes. Everyone. That includes all my past boyfriends and all of Jonathan's past girlfriends. It's great people watching.

Anyhoo, back to the parade. We thought it started at 10:30am so we were really proud of ourselves when we arrived at 10am. That lasted about 4 seconds until we realized that the parade had already started since it actually began at 10am.

The kids loved it as usual. The loud sirens didn't seem to bother Mary Elizabeth too much, she just kept looking at us like "why are they all blowing their horns?" If you haven't been to a country parade before, you need to go. Of course you have the normal parade stuff: firetrucks, clowns, shriners, etc. Then you have the old men on their lawnmowers, little kids riding their bikes, domino's pizza car throwing out know, the "normal" parade stuff. It provided tons of entertainment for me and the kids loved all the candy they threw out. Good times.


Anonymous said...

we went and had a blast. It's a stamper tradition. We can't wait to carry the future stamper. He or she will be six months old next July 4th.
Our dog hated the horses! Each year he barks at them. I don't know what he hold against them. But any how, it is a great show!

jeanine said...

Home sweet home.