Monday, June 30, 2008

Consignment Sale

Just typing the words seems crazy to me. Yes, the fall consignment sale is right around the corner. I will be spending this week getting fliers ready, website updated, fliers printed, worker schedule posted, etc.

This is the time where I always feel stressed and yet, creative ideas usually start flowing. I had this idea this morning and wanted to see what you think.

Word of mouth is ABSOLUTELY the best form of advertisement and I want to reward that, but I am constantly running out of creative ways to do so. I thought about this: the person that refers the most people to consign for this Fall 2008 sale will be able to shop first and have a 5 minute head start? It will be easy to monitor as we ask for who referred you when you get a consignor number.

I'm also looking for other creative ideas so feel free to post your thoughts on the above idea and share a few of your own!


Sarah said...

how about a free pass to the worker sale for the one who refers the most. if it happens to be a worker then give them a 5 minute head start. I'm telling you people will do anything to shop early.

Sarah said...

you could also do a spin the wheel game for the top say 3 people (going in order with whoever refers the most first) with prizes such as time, gift cert., worker pass, etc

Party of 5 said...

cool, i didn't realize you did a consignment sale. thanks for commenting on my blog. i would love to meet you and Allson sometime. I hope it is okay I said her name. I don't really know what you can and cant say on these things!!!