Friday, June 27, 2008

Urgent Prayer Request

Sorry if I haven't called some of you reading this, but this all came about pretty quickly and to be honest, I am just sitting here holding my girl.

While changing Mary Elizabeth on Wednesday morning, I noticed what I thought was a heat rash and put normal diaper rash meds on it. While doing this, I *thought* I felt something under her skin, but when I began really feeling around, I couldn't feel what I *thought* I had felt.

Fast forward to today, M.E. was at Grandmother's house and she seemed to be fussy and have a low grade temp. When I called to tell her what time I would be picking her up, Grandmother discovered a "boil" on her upper leg in the same area where I thought I had felt something on Wednesday. I immediately called the doctor and got her in today at 2:30pm.

Dr. Eidson was able to drain the abcess and thinks it is probably the result of a spider, etc. bite that has gotten infected. He sent some of the yuck that was drained out to the lab to determine exactly what we are dealing with. He felt confident that what I thought was heat rash was actually staph infection, and that staph was actually set in at the site of the bite.

We have started Bactrim to hopefully nip this infection in the bud, but please PRAY for healing for our little girl. Because M.E. has a shunt, there is a risk that the infection can travel to this so we have to watch for any change in behavior and if the site has gotten bigger in the morning, we will be back at the office. On top of all this, this is the one month we don't have health insurance. With Jonathan's new job, his insurance doesn't kick in until July 1 and his old insurance stopped May 31. They gave us a wonderful cash discount today, but if things aren't better in the morning, we are probably headed to Vanderbilt. We can always go back and get Cobra but we were really hoping to self insure this month and so far we haven't had issues.

I wanted to get real with you...well, you have me. I am scared.

I trust in God and I know that His WILL is perfect and I also believe in the POWER OF PRAYER. Please pray for Mary Elizabeth. Pray that we wake up tomorrow and this hard, red spot on her skin is gone. Pray that a ring of protection is formed around her and that Satan will stay away from her body. Pray that the staph doesn't spread and that the medicine that they put her on today is effective on this infection.

I will update as I know more. Thanks for your prayers!


Alison said...


We just prayed for Sweet Mary and will continue to keep her at the front of our prayer line. We love you all...Please update us as you can.

Aunt Alie

Destry said...

Brea, we are praying for your sweet well as you and Jonathan.


Mindy said...

Dropped everything, prayed fervently, and came back to tell you.

Will continue to pray.


Anonymous said...


We are all praying for your whole family to have the strength to get through this! We love you all!

Love Beckie

Susan said...

Lifting little Mary Elizabeth upright now and your family. Praying for immediate healing.

Anonymous said...

Oh Brea I'm so sorry to hear that. I am praying for her right now! Let me know if I can do anything for ya'll.
Take care,
I peter 5:7