Sunday, June 29, 2008

Some ?'s & Thoughts on CVS and coupons

As I am still walking on cloud 9 after my CVS deals today, I had a few thoughts and questions for all the fellow CVS'ers out there. Would LOVE feedback.

Does CVS take other stores coupons? For instance, I have a coupon that printed from Kroger that would be great on some paper towels that CVS has this week. Will they take it?

I saw on another blog that you can use the $5 off a $25 purchase and then turn around and use the $4 off a $20 purchase in the same transaction. Is that true?

If you get to the end of a transaction and let's say your total is $3.50 and you only have a $5 ECB left, will they let you go back and add something else to your transaction? I had this happen today and the WONDERFUL sales clerk let me, but I wondered if this was normal?


Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd share my 2cents on the questions-
1-I think it's a store by store decision that they allow competitors coupons. I haven't even asked, but wondered myself. The only one I've heard of actually had a little sign by the register stating that they did accept competitor's coupons.
2-Most stores won't let you use the $5/$4/$3 in the same transaction. They used to, but that cracked down on the policy. You can always ask. I asked the manager in H'ville and he said no so I just go with that. I always try to stay within their parameters.
3-Yes, you can usually always add stuff to get your total up. That happens quite often.

Great job! Oh, and where did you find the scanner? I didn't know there was one around here anywhere. I haven't gotten CVS coupons in AGES for some reason!

Anonymous said...

From what I read about CVS their policy is pretty strict in not allowing other coupons. But I know that Bed Bath and Beyond and Linens and Things will (only BBB will accept LNT and LNT will only except BBB)
One thing I was pretty disapointed about from yesterdays trips was that they would not let me use my $5 off $25 or more on my husband's card. We have two different cards. The "little man" told me that once he hits total he can't go back. I don't know if this is true or not, but I think I have seen them go back and use coupons. I just think he came down with the "teenager I don't wanna attitude."
Like I said, I have only had bad experiences at the New Shackle Island Rd. CVS.
I have made a goal to be the "CVS Masta." I saw one website where a lady spent $50 at CVS and paid pennies out of pocket (says Maggie with a deep sigh and rolling of the eyes.)
Like I said, Long Hollow needs a CVS support group for CVS crackheads like me!