Thursday, June 5, 2008

Saying Goodbye...

to Homer that is.

Yes, we sold the Odyssey. Homer is going to a new home, actually one of my consignors from the sale bought it although we didn't realize that at the time when they responded to our ad on craigslist.

I know people must think we are nuts (Dave Ramsey would say we are doing something right if people think we are nuts) but you know what, it's just a van. I have been thinking about it the last few weeks as I watched the kids not take any care while in the van. It's a wonderful, beautiful van with all the bells and whistles (literally, this van could drive itself better than I drive it). I find myself cringing every time the kids eat or drink anything in it and the reality is that we don't need a $20K van. Can we afford it? Yes. Do we need it? No.

Now, just because I am becoming more real doesn't mean I am going to start drinking wheatgrass milkshakes and sleep under bridges, but I am becoming more concious of the fact that it is just stuff. AND like the chorus of a song we sang at church a few weeks ago said, "this world has nothing for me."

So, as we go and give her to the new owners tomorrow I will be a little sad to leave my power doors and 8 million cupholders behind, but it's just stuff and I want to give another child a home more than I want a nice van.

I'll update you with the "new to us" van tomorrow. A hint: Helga is going to have a new friend!

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Sarah said...

you're absolutely right, it is jut stuff! Helga wants to know when she can expect a play date from the "new to us" van!