Sunday, June 15, 2008

Our Holiday World Trip : First Stop? Yard Sale

After planning the last few weeks, Jonathan and I finally got to take the kids to Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana on Saturday. Angie V. had won the opportunity to purchase the tickets dirt cheap from a local radio station and asked us if we wanted to go. Of course we said yes.

So, Friday night we headed to Dale, IN. Our hotel was there and we planned to get up first thing Saturday morning and be at Holiday World when they opened.

If you have never been to Holiday World, let me just go ahead and tell you that it is not in a big city. It makes places like Millersville, TN look big. Nice? Yes. Big? No. As we headed into Dale (about 10 minutes from the theme park), it was also on the tiny side. They did have one traffic light and a Subway. Our hotel plus a Motel 6 and a Denny's pretty much rounded out the city. While driving through the "city" of Dale at 10pm at night, Angie and I spotted a yard sale sign and giggled about how we should get up and go to the one yard sale in Dale on Saturday morning. The guys weren't giggling.

As we checked in, we asked the front desk ladies about the fastest way to get to the park. One of them replied, "well, now, normally you would just go through Dale, but since tomorrow's the once a year city wide yard sale you might want to go interstate." Angie and I just about died. Matter of fact, we leaned back and gave each other high fives. As we got back in her Suburban, it was obvious the boys had seen our hand smacking inside and they immediately wanted to know "what?" in a groaning voice.

We were so excited and made plans to meet at 6am in the lobby. The park didn't open until 9:30am and we would have PLENTY of time to hit some sales while our hubbies and kiddos slept. Jonathan called and asked for a wake up call for me at 5:30am and we headed to bed.

At 4:50am when I got my wake up call, I wanted to kill someone, but of course I was up so I showered, shaved, and headed to the lobby to drink two cups of coffee and read the paper. Angie arrived at 6am and our adventure in Dale began.

We hit about 30 yard sales and did really good. We definitely could have bought more but considering that we had 8 people in one Suburban plus luggage, there wasn't a ton of room. I bought some books for the kids, a Medela Pump In Style breastpump (for ebay), a Vera Bradley purse, some baby stuff for M.E., and other various items for $18 total. Not bad especially when you consider the great people watching and the fun comments we got. We loved it when people said to us, "if you know of anybody that collects Avon bottles, send 'em my way." Yep, I'll get right on that since we are from Nashville. Matter of fact, we told one family we were from Nashville and they said, "Nashville, Indiana?" I didn't even know there was a Nashville, IN.

Anyway, we got back just as everyone was getting up and then it was off to Holiday World. As my mom said, only Brea could go on vacation and find a city wide yard sale. Yep, only me. Good times!


Chris and Gretchen said...

Hi, I am interested in the Pump In Style. What is your Ebay store or could I buy it before you list it? My email is Thanks!

VoiceInTheWilderness said...

Sounds like a fun trip! We frequently yardsale on vacation- last year in Dallas we hit a yardsale next door to my husband's boyhood home. When we talked to the gentleman who lived there, we found out that his daughter works in one of the stores my husband manages in TN.

The worst thing is that you can't bring much back.

Anonymous said...

I considered hitting a yard sale while on vacation in Wilmington, NC.
Ron just gave me a "you've got to be kidding me look" so we just kept going. Jonathan needs to work on him.----Action :)