Monday, June 9, 2008

More on Accountability

I've had a couple of Dr. Pepper's. No, I didn't cave. I just had a few answered prayers and I thought it would be ok to drink a couple as long as I didn't forget to keep praying.

Answered Prayer #1: I think we have found a space for the Fall 2008 consignment sale. We are still working out the nitty gritty, but it looks good and hopefully I will be updating the website this week with the details.

Answered Prayer #2: One of my adoption friends from the forums that I had been praying specifically for brought home their precious new baby on Friday. They had been waiting over 2 years.

What's on my prayer list right now:

*the lady that posted a on the first accountability post that is having some marital issues.

*several other families that are at the 2+ year mark of waiting including Amy from Australia who posted a comment on here.

*my mom's best friend Patti's mom Purr. She got some bad medical results last week and I just can't imagine the stress Patti is under.

*still chipping away at getting more real.

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