Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Step By Step

If you haven't checked out Kim's blog, then you don't already know we are going to see NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK in Chicago!

Yes, we have been friends for a LONG TIME and yes, we LOVED NKOTB when we were...well, let's just say younger. Recently Kim was in New York with her hubby and sent me this pic of herself in front of this billboard:

We immediately started making plans to find out when and where we could find them closest to home. It worked! We are off to Chicago in October for a fun little couples weekend away. If you'll remember, we did Disney with them last year right before we started the adoption process, so who knows, maybe the tradition will follow again! Does that mean Kim will bring home another souvenir? Hmmmm.....

Anyway, I can't wait! Jonathan can't wait either (actually he was not really keen on the whole idea but a man CAN be persuaded!) and we are really looking forward to our first real weekend away with no kids.

THANKS to Kim and Chris for making this weekend possible, you guys are the best!


Anonymous said...

This is hillarious!

Let us know if you see anyone else from "The Brier".


Kim said...

Our pleasure! And no, we will not be bringing home another "souvenir."

Chris said...

What Kim said.

Erin Morgan said...

I am going to the concert here in Washington too (in November) with a friend. I was hoping my sister could come out and go with me, but that didn't work out. It's gonna be a blast!