Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Costs of Adoption

I've had a few people ask, so I thought I would share "averages" for what adoption costs.

Adopting through the state AKA "foster to adopt"- FREE, birthparents typically have one year to prove themselves before parental rights are terminated

Adopting through an agency AKA "domestic infant adoption or DIA"-based on income in most cases. typically 15-20% of gross income. typically the base you will pay is $4K on up to $22K, although some agencies have set fees which can go upwards of $30K. This placement fee does not include costs of home study, travel costs, etc. associated with the adoption

Adopting internationally-typically $20-$40K

So far we have raised $9K. M.E.'s adoption was about $18K total. Hope that helps!

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Susan Smith-Alltop said...

Hey Brea! I'm happy you have raised so much money for your adoption. Praise the Lord! Our mid-TN domestic adoption was around $15K, our international will be around $20K.

Your yard sale friend in the 'Boro! Follow your dreams!
~Susan Alltop