Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Weird Day

I just have to tell you. Today was a weird day.

I woke up with a headache, which has become quite normal this week. I don't know if it's a sinus headache because they aren't as intense as my normal migraine and yet they seem to be rebounding daily which is like a normal migraine. I decided to "be a like a bridge and get over it" and pushed through. You see, I'm going on a scrapbook retreat tomorrow with Kim, so I have about a million things to do today.

One of those things was to get our freakin' fingerprints done for our homestudy. We tried (unsuccessfully) to get this done last week but found out pretty quickly that our police department only does fingerprints for the FBI on Tuesday afternoons. Whatever. So, today we were off to the Sherriff's office in Gallatin. We got there only to find out that you have to go to the JAIL to get fingerprints done. You can't make this stuff up. So J and I headed to the JAIL to get these prints done. When we arrived, I kept looking around in shock and awe because a. I'm in a jail and b. I have a headache and didn't plan on being in a jail. The ladies that worked there were so sweet and when they came out to get us, they figured out that we didn't have the correct fingerprint cards. Well, of course we don't. Nothing about these fingerprints have been easy. So, we call the city police department to get the correct finger print cards, drive over there to pick them up and then drive back to JAIL. We get there and finally get them done only to find out that their printer is working so there's this lovely BLACK LINE through our fingerprints. Whatcha want to bet that the FBI won't take them?

So, after 90 minutes and going to jail twice, I finally head home. M.E. is fit to be tied and I am pretty exhausted too. That's when my friend Tracy called me to tell me that Target at Rivergate had marked a ton of their toys 75% off. Well, of course, Lady (our suburban) just drove herself to Target. Of course. Now, this is where I should stop and tell you that I am not a good shopper when I have a headache. I bought the same thing twice and went $28 over budget. The good news is that when I return the said toy, I will be $5 under budget. I ran into lots of friends at Target with my not so happy 17 month old (trust me, I'm not getting a mother of the year award anytime soon). I even ran into my saint of a mother in law who took my not so happy 17 month old so I could shop.

Then, I came home to three ill children getting off the bus. AND they closed school tomorrow for cold? Yes, seriously, those of you that don't live here, they seriously closed school for it being cold.

So that's my weird day. I'm hoping this silly headache stays away while I'm cropping. And that I never have to go to jail again....

P.S. Don't forget to leave a comment on the Laura's Heart post. I'm giving it away Sunday night and all you have to do is leave a comment after visiting Laura's site. Who doesn't love a free piece of beautiful art?


Anonymous said...

I think we are the only state to close school for hint of snow, actual snow, cold weather and too much rain. I think next year, if the wind blows too hard they will probably let out for that too.
Hope you have a better day tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brea! Just read your blog and just wanted you to know that they do fingerprints @ Guns and Leather in Greenbrier, You know,my cousin Amanda's dad's shop.I hope that helps. nichole

Kristi J said...

that is too funny...I'm heading to Laura's blog, kristi