Thursday, July 9, 2009


If you've ever thought that racism no longer exists, check out this article HERE. Sickening.


Anonymous said...

That is disgusting and sad that people still feel that way!

Katy Oakes

Rachel Wilson said...

we fool ourselves into believing that we dont need to teach our kids that some people are narrow minded ignorant idiots because we want to believe we live in a perfect world, this only proves that It also takes STUPID people to make the world go round. The members of that club especially the ones who are parents should all suspend their membership. Hard for their little Prejudice Party to run if it wasnt funded. I get so emotional (mainly p*ssed ) when I read stuff like that because I am trying to raise kids who see everyone equal and that God is the only person who is "Better" than them and then theses morons open their mouth and it is so disheartening. Sorry i went a little nuts.