Saturday, July 18, 2009

Walking in Memphis

This time tomorrow night I will be resting in a hotel room in Memphis. I am so excited I can't accurately describe it on this blog. I'm only going for a brief 36 hours and yet the thought of a girl's trip is so freaking exciting!

Will I miss my husband? Yes. Will I miss my kids? Yes. Will I enjoy a full night's sleep? Yes.

Candy and I are going to shop at the Pottery Barn outlet, spend our Gymbucks, eat a nice dinner, see a girly movie, and just enjoy time away for our birthdays. We are hoping to make this an annual tradition.

Part of me feels guilty for going and then I think "nah!"


Sarah said...

Girl, don't you for one second feel guilty. This is the calm before the storm of consignment hits your life and you NEED this time to refuel. enjoy yourself, don't worry about what time you last feed anybody (but yourself), does a diaper need changing, playing referee, or being a shuffle. REST, REST, REST and oh of course what you do best...BARGAIN hunt!!! :)

alison Bynum said...

enjoy! i'm jealous.