Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nyet Travel Date Yet

When I posted that I had learned that Nyet means No in Russian, I forgot to post HOW I had learned that.

Angie V. (my friend and partner in crime!) is adopting her second daughter from Russia. Ksenia is 2 years old and they were able to go and meet her several weeks ago. Robert and Angie were gone for 8 days to Moghadan, Russia (yes, I am probably butchering the spelling). It is near Siberia and VERY cold. J and I got to babysit Alexandra, their 5 year old for the 8 days they were gone so we got a taste of life with 5 kids.

Since they returned, I can't imagine what it is like for Angie and Robert to anxiously wait for their travel date when they can return and bring home their daughter. She is so stinkin cute and Alexandra is SO excited to meet her little sister.

I'm sure you have all wondered how much adoption costs. To answer you, it's a lot. Even more for international adoption because of the travel involved. To bring Abigail Ksenia home will cost close to $30K so Angie and Robert are doing FUNdraisers to help offset some of the costs (the tax credit provided by the IRS is only $11k so they have to spend $19K out of pocket). Their first FUNdraiser was a yard sale held almost three weeks ago. They made $1200 which was an answered prayer.

The next one is one you can participate in...especially for all you women AND men who scrapbook. My Creative Memories consultant has graciously offered to give 20% of all orders on her website this weekend to Angie in CASH for her adoption fund. I am so passionate about scrapbooking AND adoption so I was so excited when Tracy offered to do this. You can shop at her website and your order will be shipped directly to your home. If you have NEVER scrapbooked before, the first thing you need to start with is a powersort box. It is $25 and holds 2400 photos. It is so much easier to scrapbook if your photos are organized and once you get this done, you will feel like you have accomplished SO MUCH! I LOVE this powersort box (I have 7) and I love that when I am ready to sit down and scrapbook, I know where ALL of my photos are at. I have one for each of my kids and then I have all my vintage photos in the others.

If you live out of state and are reading this and have never scrapbooked, I HIGHLY encourage you to go to CM's main web site and find a consultant in your area. There is nothing better than having a personal scrapbook trainer that can teach you how to get organized and get it done. My children love their albums and the stories I write in them!

If you live in the Nashville area, you will not find a better CM consultant than Tracy. She is so consistant, orders quickly and knows her stuff. She is SO GREAT that she is speaking at CM's NATIONAL convention on sales! WAY TO GO TRACY!

Anyway, this got longer than I expected, but say a prayer for Angie, Robert, & Alexandra as they anxiously await their new little one and order some scrapbook goodies if you's a great cause AND a great product!


Angie V. said...

First, I want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU to Brea for heading up this FUNdraiser. It went great! There aren't many people who'd do this for another person, but, as most of you know, Brea isn't like most people! She is constantly thinking of ways to help other people--and she usually gets it done! So, thank you again, Brea. I'll never be able to repay you, but will chocolate help? got close--it is spelled Magadan--very easy!

Angie V. said...

I'd also like to express our sincere gratitude to Tracy Dever for her participation in the FUNdraiser. She is a wonderful consultant, so if you ever need one, give her a call or email.