Thursday, May 8, 2008

Random Thursday Thoughts

I haven't spent a lot of time on here lately simply because I have so much to talk about, I am simply overwhelmed. I have woke up several times the last few nights and thought about coming here to blog, but then I get lazy and go back to sleep. Here's a few of the thoughts going through my head:

1. I hate breast cancer. I know we are taught not to hate, but I just can't stand this terrible disease. I found out that yet another friend has just been diagnosed. She is one of my buddies that has adopted transracially and was such a HUGE help to me when we started our journey.

2. We hope to start the journey of adopting #5 in the fall. First, we have to figure out what type of trees grow money so that we can plant some in the backyard.

3. I learned that Nyet means No in Russian.

4. I am going to give September's Restaurant in Hendersonville a fair shake. September's husband sent a really nice email today encouraging me to come check it out for myself so I plan to do that pretty soon. I can't wait to form MY OWN opinion of this beautiful new restaurant in the Streets of Indian Lake. Maybe everyone that posted bad reviews should come with me and we can have a big pow wow!?!?!

5. I went fishing with dad at Center Hill lake yesterday. I didn't catch squat but I had the nicest time with my daddy. The lake was so quiet and we saw a pretty good amount of bass and croppy, but evidently they just weren't hungry while I was there.

6. I miss Sheila the Suburban sometimes...I love Homer the Odyssey, don't get me wrong, but you just can't beat the storage of the Burb. Especially during yard sale season.

7. Mary Elizabeth is sitting up like a champ. She is even standing against some toys. She is getting SO BIG!

8. Anna was in Beech's talent show last Thursday and was awesome. She sang "Bubbly" and did fabulous! I am so proud of her.

9. Isaac and Luke are full swing into the first season of baseball. They are both great little ball players and are enjoying playing. I never realized how serious 4-6 year old baseball could be...I watched a father bless his little boy out last week after the game simply because he wasn't paying attention. Um, hello? He's 5 years old. My 36 year old doesn't pay attention sometimes.


mayhem said...

Hmmm... How did you learn that Nyet means no in Russian? There's got to be a story there!

Susan said...

I am cracking up that you named your Honda Odyssey Homer! My high school Latin teacher would be rolling!!
You're not kidding about the seriousness of basbeall- hope that wasn't someone from our team you saw yelling at his child. Some people are way too intense. You're right they are 5 and 6!!