Sunday, May 11, 2008

Thankful that my rose is red

With today being mother's day, we started off with lunch at Jonathan's family. Jonathan's mom (the kids call her grandmother) had a wonderful lunch prepared. After lunch, Mary Elizabeth was examing the flowers embroidered on grandmother's shirt and she decided to see what M.E. would think about the corsage that Papa Sam had given her to wear to church this morning for mother's day. As she brought out the beautiful corsage with a single white rose, all the kids wanted to know a) what it was and b) why grandmother had it. She explained that it was an old tradition that on mother's day women were given corsages to wear to church. A woman wearing a corsage with a red rose meant that her mother was alive, a woman wearing a corsage with a white rose meant that her mother had passed. I had never heard this before and took that moment to thank God that my mother is alive and well. Both Juju (my mom) and Grandmother have already lost their mothers and I know today was hard for both of them.

For those of you that don't know both of my moms (Juju and Grandmother), you are really missing out. They both are wonderful moms and grandmas and I am very blessed to have such wonderful women to be mentors in my life. Happy mother's day!


Kim said...

How is it growing up Baptist we never heard of this? I JUST heard of it this morning too! Yes you are indeed blessed with your two moms, so am I.

Anonymous said...

As I wipe away the tears, Thank you for the nice comments. I had a wonderful Mother's Day with you, Jonathan and Anna, Isaac, Luke and Mary Elizabeth. God has indeed blessed me through you and your family (both immediate and extended).


Anonymous said...


Your blog brought me to tears this morning and thank you for your sweet message.

Mother's Day was such a great day, and I am so thankful God blessed me with such a wonderful family.

I absolutely treasure my cards from each of the kids, and the memories of another special day spent together with all of you.

I love you. Mom

Alison said...

That is really true. It was a great day. Sad that Granny was not with us, but knowing that she is up in Heaven passing out Yankee candles and tulips, is sweet enough for me. It was really great to look around the room yesterday to see how much our once small family has grown. Mom's house was sure filled with love yesterday.

Hope you had a great Mother's Day and thank you for helping me celebrate my first one as a mother.

I love you!